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Which Exactly is The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In?

Via: wonderfulengineering Have you thought about that which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in? Or, if someone tosses to you such a question on a serious notion or something, how do you answer it? …One Bitcoin is currently trading at $11,178, an Ethereum hinges at $11,163 …or well, maybe you might decide to place your bet on a cheaper…

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Is Ripple XRP The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in?

best cryptocurrency via: profitconfidential Ripple xrp value or price currently stands at $1.1361, and for upcoming investors, the question remains whether ripple is the best cryptocurrency to invest in. Well, maybe digging into the details of this crypto will help us establish whether it is worth throwing some dollars in it -for some possible cool profit in the near future….

Litecoin Price Peaks Above $200 Again After a Difficult Week

Litecoin price peaks at $58.0 plus profit range after a weak that seemed to shake the faith of anyone who possessed a few coins under their names. Well, to strike the balance and be fair, last week’s cryptocurrency instability affected nearly all popular and non-popular digital currencies -Bitcoin and Ethereum included. Sources say that the shakeup was somewhat related to…


AI, Corti is Helping Danish Emergency Dispatchers Detect Heart Attacks

Emergency AI dispatchers                                                           Via: futurecdn AI is helping the Health Care System to climb to higher heights with Corti’s support on Emergency Communication. Well, if you are you are wondering who Corti is, – this an artificially Intelligent system, or call it a machine if you like. Basically, when AI is mentioned, it means a machine has been trained…


Artificial Intelligence: Computers to Speak American English Accents (Says Monty Barlow) and Amazon’s Alexa Needs to Here this

computers powered by artificial intelligence to speaks american accents                                                    Via: code.oursky   Scientists and members of the public alike are enthralled by the topic of AI (artificial intelligence). It’s as if everybody wants to hear what AI is up to or close to achieve next. During the CES (where roughly over 200,000 + tech enthusiasts attended,) people were drawn…


BMW Acquires Parkmobile Parking App to Help Tackle City Traffic

                                                             Via: mediapool.bmwgroup BMW is one of the top car manufacturers that you can hardly see a fleet of ten vehicles without spotting one of its models in the “group.” The company is a great investor and now it has acquired the Parkmobile to add to its worth. This is a smartphone app that offers guidance to drivers looking to…