How to Impress Husband by Talking: Make Him Love You More

How to impress husband by talking

How to impress husband by talking? Being a marriage counselor I get many such questions.

As in, it is a super important little topic that if you grasp as a wife, it can transform how your husband perceives you – in fact, this will increase intimacy in your relationship.

It is said a soft tongue breaks the born, so be the smart wife and use your words wisely! – Tip: note down somewhere this saying to remind yourself later.

… Now, in summary;

These are the answers to how you impress your husband by talking:

  1. Use words that make you sound sweet and hot
  2. Talk tenderly to have him get a feeling he is loved
  3. Smile nicely while talking
  4. Let your eyebrows do the girlish gesture to make him impressed
  5. Show you are impressed at him, move your head in s3ductive motions
  6. Look him in the eyes when talking
  7. Keep close body contact to have him smell your perfume as you talk
  8. Press his hand to help him feel your talk
  9. Give him your undivided attention
  10. Be romantic
  11. Be creative in words

But how do you do this without him realizing your intentions? I will tell you exactly how; so Read on…

How to impress husband by talking


Yes, it’s that simple, however, most times we ladies give priority to topics like how to impress my husband on bed at night, what the best night dress to impress husband is; how to attract husband physically and ways to excite husband when he’s angry…

With the most sought question of all being “how to impress husband in bed” which gets searched over 71,270 times each month.  

While all these questions are important to the beholder; most times being a wife who knows how to talk impressively; what to say; and when to speak rules the whole game of making your husband more attracted to you.

Are there other women wondering about how to impress husband by talking too? Sure, in fact, some go as far as booking over $70 sessions with a relationship counselor, per hour, just to know how, while others ask their religious leaders to discuss this seemingly obvious topic during marriage seminars.

Still on the same, a simple search on Google for “how to impress husband by talking” points out that there are roughly over 14,400,000 search results (drawn in 0.36 seconds). In short, you asking this doesn’t indicate you less smart: you are simply one among the 1000,001 plus wives who are going to read this post.

Let’s go a bit deeper into this

How to impress husband by talking


It’s important to note that, as a wife, your words often reveal what’s in your heart. And like other men who are ever on an endless journey to understand women, your husband would want to know your thoughts, how much this marriage means to you and so on… And since it is impossible to hack into your brain, he’ll definitely take your words to be how much you value him and the relationship. That’s why what you say is super important.

Our choice of words when communicating with others can make the difference between a good and bad day, a happy relationship and a struggling one. We call that the power of the tongue; rather than wondering how to attract husband emotionally, just make your talks romantic.

Women speak more words per day because they are emotional beings. Research says on average a wife would use between 5000 to 7000 words per day, contrary to the hubby who speaks less than 2000 to 2500 words per day.

So, can you see how much power of words you have as a wife to impress your man? In fact, just try and analyze and you’ll notice that in general talk, you will always want to win over your husband in an argument. And the awesome thing is that men generally excuse the many words women use when expressing themselves. That’s why this how to impress husband by talking advice makes lots of sense.

Your Voice Goes so Deep Into your Husband’s Heart

This is something most wives don’t know, and it’s super important that they get it right. As in, your words as a wife has a very great impact on your husband. A practical study: you must have realized that when you two are in an argument — what you say decides the course of that disagreement. When you decide to say sorry everything calms down but if you decide to keep your stand the issue might go on that you later regret why you opened your mouth in the beginning.

The thing is; there is a way your hubby expects you to speak to him. He expects that you will be careful with what you say, in the argument mostly he will wish you’d  be the smart woman and just help him end the argument by agreeing with him even if it doesn’t make sense to do so, you can always talk sense to him when he’s out of that “must be my way mentality.”

In fact, most arguments are just that the hubby thinks you are attacking his right to be respected, it often doesn’t have anything to do with the exact topic in question.

Whether he is in a good mood or not your husband takes in every word you say to him with some weight. Findings also show that men tend to remember the bad words women say to them 25% more than the way women remember the cruel words spoken to them, by their husbands, in marriage arguments. Statistically, a woman remembers less than 7% of the incidences their husband disrespected them while talking.

Well, enough of proofing the facts; I bet now you know how important and weighty your words are as the wife.

Use Impressive and Romantic Words

This directly points us to the choice of words you need to be using. Your selection of words in the relationship also dictates the level of intimacy in the marriage. You want a more intimate husband, talk nicely and you’ll be amazed at how that changes his attitude towards you. Talking of being romantic and creative in your words, think of using sentences like:

  • I’m glad I found the best husband in the universe
  • I fully respect you, my boss
  • You mean a lot to us as a family my love
  • Where else could I have found this kind of a loving hubby
  • Off cause, you are the man here and we are willing to follow your leadership
  • I’ve dreamed of having such a caring man like you all my life
  • What can I offer you, my sweetie
  • Can we take a walk around the compound dear?
  • I take you birthday serious even if you don’t
  • To me, you are more than the U.S. president

The concept is, be intentional in your choice of words, make it sound sweet, no limits to the number of sentences you can use to impress your husband as much as you are conscious of choosing words that would have an impact on his feelings.

Why Should you Focus to Talk Smooth to Him?

Okay, this is about how to impress husband by talking not a post on how to impress husband in bed, right. By default wives, as much as husbands are known to talk really soft when there is something they want from their partner. And for real this works. You can always get anything you want when you want because you naturally know what to say to create an environment that makes your partner easy to say yes.

Well, that’s not what we are talking about here. The goal is you want to impress your husband by talking not necessary because you want something (getting is not the actual goal but trust me you will get what you wished for by accident). In fact, gone are the days when women forced their way to get something from their man, these days you just need to use wisdom, know what to say, how to say it, and when to speak and bam! You’ll have it.

Another major achievement you get when you purposefully focus to change the way you talk to your husband is that he will believe that you respect him—which is ideally one of the biggest in needs of the man after giving him what you know is rightfully his by being your legal husband.

Top on that, talking nicely to him takes away the stress he has been through at the workplace or just those feelings of being inadequate or the demand of being that perfect husband he should be. In other words, men have their fair share of troubles that they must battle with every day and talking to him romantically may help to sweep away these woes from him.

What Does He Expect Me to Say

Okay, there is that part of being creative and enticing your husband during talks, but here is another question women tend to ask, and it is how does he expect me to speak. While it’s very important to know the pattern of words your hubby expects from the wife he loves, sometimes wives do overthink in this matter that they end up missing the mark. No rocket science here, it’s just how to impress husband by talking you are after.

So, the correct approach to this is don’t spend much time trying to tap into his brain, sometimes you may not be able to meet every bit of his expectation in your talks. Nonetheless, looking at this scientifically, the pattern of thoughts that often align in a man’s mind, when he’s conversing with his wife, most often your hubby will be keen on seeing you are actively participating in the topic he’s trying to explain more than your advice.

As in, during conversations try to respond by showing you are grasping all he’s saying. You will be tempted to voice your opinion, that’s obvious with us women, but try not to say things that would make him think ooh the usual contest of words has begun again. This is the reason why most women, other than focusing on the tips they learned on how to impress husband in bed, they switch to mastering tips for how to impress husband when he is angry.

In fact, just being smart to know when to listen and when to say something is a way to perfectly answer the how to impress husband by talking question. But even with that said, your husband expects you to say things like, I understand your concerns, my intention in this is to make you feel that you have a loving wife, my love can we hold tight to disperse the cold?, I need your leadership in this… and so on.

What Tone Should I Use

The tone of your voice is another extremely important factor. Do you want to master how to impress husband by talking, then work on your tone during conversations. Be womanish by always using kind tone when talking to your husband. Don’t shout at him or at the kids in his hearing. Constant ranting and shouting make your husband think you don’t respect him, even when the shouts are not aimed at him but towards the kids.

As said early, the book of wisdom, Proverbs 25:15 says a soft tongue breaks the born. So tapping from this principle, as the wife be smart and steer clear from a domineering tone when talking to your man. In fact, research shows most single ladies talk with an authority that scares men, one of who otherwise might have become very good husbands.

Off cause you are not the husband, are you? That’s an outright no, so why patch your speeches with a domineering tone. The problem with a talking with an uncontrolled tone is that it makes a woman appear rude and careless – while generally a good wife is expected to be humble, sweet and caring.

Summarizing on quality of voice, all it takes to adjust your tone is simply being mindful of the fact that your husband is to be respected and that this is demanded from you. You don’t want a scared man as the husband, so don’t worry the boy. He may not appear scared but if you scold him all he will never trust your caring intentions.

However, you can reverse this in case you’ve not been talking the way you shouldn’t have to your man – just let him know that it’s in you to respect him and that he should forget anything, talks or actions that were out of order before. Keep your voice low and loving.

How Should I Look at Him when Talking

There is no fixed formula for looking at your hubby when talking to him, however, it is obvious that you’ll need to show that you are chatting with someone of value. Look at him softly in the eyes and if you can place your hands on his hands to have his full attention.

What you should avoid are strange body moves that may make you seem as if you are so hungry for attention. As in, sometimes women scream out loud their need for attention which when they don’t get the attention it makes them mad, and think that they are not that beautiful.

As in steer clear habits such as talking with hands all over the air, banging the table for attention or somehow pressing your husband to keep his attention. That brings us to the point: be smart to know whether your hubby is in a position to listen to what you have to say if he is not attentive enough it’s better that you just switch the topic and allow him to rest.

Sometimes just looking at your husband with your hands massaging his tired shoulders sends enough signal that you care. Your looks, as well as your words, need to make him feel cherished, respected and manly.

Should I Sound Romantic?

The answer to this is, yes you need to sound loving when talking to your husband. Remember we earlier said your husband only gets to know you by how you speak. You talk dry and flat and he thinks you are boring, you talk romantic, most of the time he will understand even when your moods are off.

Wives need to be miles ahead in how to attract husband emotionally and on other ways to please their man. Know your mood patterns as a wife – at times you are super happy but other times your just not that friendly partner you need to be, you try to fake smiles and force talks but it just seems like you are not in the mood.

Knowing that helps you know how to explain it to your hubby. Let him know you are a woman and at times your moods fluctuate like ocean tides. And you know what, do it lovingly and he will keep that in mind whenever you feel sort of unfriendly and untouchable – during your mood swings.

Can I Use a Demanding Tone at Times?

Off cause you are human and sometimes you’ll feel the drive to want to rule or command your husband. That’s normal to all of us. However, know that’s an emotional wave that’s passing away: you go off the rail and discover that you even disrespected your husband by talking hard to him. Again that’s common and don’t dwell on the scenario. That’s not exactly you, it’s a wild emotion ingrained in all of us, and the only way to fight it is by forgetting it every time it sweeps.

Most women, after realizing they’ve been unbearable to their hubby think that’s the end of the trust. A big NO. All you need to do just explain to your partner that you are sorry and that it was a mistake. He will grasp it.

However, one thing I don’t advocate for is trying to cover up the mistake by simply diluting it—that way your husband may think you take him for a fool. How to impress husband by talking: after the disagreement, is the best time to do so because he will notice you are for the relationship to stay.

I repeat yes, sometimes you can use that demanding tone but make it also respectful and choosy in the use of words. You can demand using words like: as your caring wife I request to know why you’ve been late today from work; My love why haven’t eaten your food, as your loving wife I demand an answer; Honey why didn’t you pick my calls—please explain it to me; Sweetie, please don’t leave your socks and shoes here next time.

So here is the technique: be demanding but ensure to use words that suggest you still respect him despite the fact that you are angry, and you know what, to him, you will be extremely impressive.

This is the answer for how to impress husband by talking over the phone:

You wondered if I’ll cover this, right? Okay, let’s nail it. Talking with your husband over the phone may require some wisdom altogether. Yes, you love him and wanna know how he is fairing at work, but don’t overdo it. By this, I mean don’t call him after every two hours – that would sound sort of a surveillance mission. He might think you are spying on him while you are just being friendly.

At least once is okay, but in case he left home somewhat stressed you can call and talk to him nicely severally, to show you care. As in, at times when things are not good, make them good by dialoguing as frequent as possible.

But in normal situations, it’s best that you sent him short messages than calling. Be creative and write him messages of love, at least two messages are okay, anything more and he may fail to reply because he is busy.  Also don’t get offended when he fails to reply – could be the nature of his work doesn’t allow him on the phone that much.

Those are just but a few tips, so do you want to add somehow to impress husband by talking tips to this, please let’s hear your take in the comment section below.

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