Understanding a Controlling Husband

how to live with a controlling husband
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A controlling husband can be so hard to live with because he doesn’t let you be. When you are on the phone with your mum, he wants to know the details of everything being spoken.

When you have to attend a family party, he wants to know everybody who will be in attendance at the event (as if you can predict.) In this article, we discuss to help you know exactly how to live with a controlling husband.

How to Live with a Controlling Husband without Fighting

First, it is important to mention that you are not the problem when your husband behaves overly controlling. This is a problem in his personality and it’s good that you get that right.

The guy is battling certain insecurities and the only way this manifests is with the controlling attitude. Although unconscious to him, he might be thinking that you don’t see him as interesting as he thinks he is, or maybe, you don’t exactly know his worth.

In other words, as the wife, you are not the issue and neither is your husband: the problem is his perspective and the insecurities inside his mind. Now, how do you deal with the situation? The first step is don’t take the blame to your heart, but that with a restful and respectful attitude.

Affirm Him

According to research, 70% of men are in dire need of direct affirmation from their wives. Let the man know that you are her fun and supporter. Don’t let him go feed his ego elsewhere. Talk of his smart mind in making family decisions, tell the kids to respect their day in his hearing and punish the kids who don’t respect “daddy” in his presence.

Also, don’t be overly overwhelmed by the idea of how to live with a controlling husband, be focused on other good things that you are sharing together in the marriage. The problem with holding too much onto the weakness of your partner is that you might be tempted to vent out your feelings in a way you might regret later.

In short, if you feel that he really needs to know how controlling he is, and how that hearts you, be the wise woman and tell him respectfully when you two are having a good talk.

You can begin something like, “Honey, I am sorry that sometimes I act the way you didn’t expect… as in, make the talk light and conducive first, then you can fix in your concerns within the lines.

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