How to Get Closer to Your Husband

how to get closer to your husband

Am sitting here and thinking about a title I read yesterday. It was about how to get closer to your husband or put it, how to feel closer to your boyfriend or hubby, whatever name suits your relationship status.

Well, at times this may be a disturbing question because why should two people who are supposed to love each other be far apart under the same roof.

After looking around the internet for things that bring couples closer together, I’ve realized there is some wisdom from marriage counselors on how couples can draw closer to each other in their relationship.

Don’t Complicate Things

how to get closer to your husband


Source: crosswalk.comAt times, simple questions in relationships may appear like rocket science, or some heard to crack maths (like being told to find the square root of 17573.733 then divide the answer by 0.478917 and finally by 2, and give your answer without decimals).

But interestingly, sometimes all you need to know is the right button to press, and the doors to your husband’s heart should open, wide open.

The Secret in How to Get Closer to Your Husband: 

Meet Him at the Point of His Passion

As a wife, you must have known by now what your hubby likes and dislikes, right. The simplest route to get closer to him is joining in, at his passions. Find what makes him happy and try to make it interesting to you too.

That could be football, the movies he like watching, or the computer games he likes playing. Research says men have that need to have their wives as the best friend, so a good avenue to present as a willing friend is it the areas that most intrigue them.

This does not mean you get locked into what he likes 24/7, it’s a matter of just having a “helicopter” idea of his passions so that when he talks to you about it you don’t shut him off by showing disinterest.

How to Bond with Your Spouse Emotionally:

If he’s a car aficionado, you can start asking him a few questions about his machine (notice the word machine because that’s what he thinks his car is).

You can have him explain some technicalities related to the performance of his “super-machine,” and as he is talking you’ll be able to learn his passions, his approach to life, and character in depth from how he expresses himself. When you finally bond together, a question like how to get closer to your husband will be a thing of the past in your relationship.

Don’t Always Remain in the Opposing Side

Being a good wife means by now you know that your hubby goes through a lot of opposition in life that you shouldn’t add to his opposing forces, at least not you. He’s striving to resist temptations, he’s battling his ego as a man (that’s why respect is his number one need in the marriage,) he’s chasing after money and lots of other passions.

Just an overview of research, before the age of 17 boys get told NO, and Not Possible 25,000 times, compared to Yes that amounts to only 5000 times.

Well, there is that natural tendency for husbands and wives to argue over almost anything, but when looking at how to get closer to your husband. Try to dilute such experiences (if possible, do it immediately — this is the best tip on how to get closer to husband in bed –but you can always do it later depending on your personality or his personality type). How? By showing your man he’s still the man.

Cook Him His Favorite

No matter how busy or modern we become, a favorite meal will always catch the attention of men. Now, the trick is, try to ensure you make that favorite meal by yourself. You should let him know you can cook his best and he will always rely on you whenever he needs it.

You can also dig into different recipes and try to make what is eaten at home is more healthy and enjoyable than what he could get from food joints or a friend’s place. That’s among the surest things that bring couples closer together.

The above idea may sound too obvious but trust me; psychological findings say over 70 percent of husbands would like a cooking wife compared to 60 percent who would rather prefer an educated partner. Off cause, these figures are also affected by other factors such as the literacy level of the questioned men in matters of gender equality.

Another tip on how to get closer to your husband is, baby-feed him and let him enjoy that motherly care from your looks. Looking for how to feel closer to your boyfriend, look no farther, that’s the tip! Good luck, however you may want to come back for the new post about how to get closer to your boyfriend over text in case he is far away.

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