Ripple XRP Predictions Market Share for 2018, What if The XRP Token Becomes the World Currency?

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Cryptocurrencies are taking over trade and everything to do with matters “mode of exchange.” And even governments seem not able enough to alter that, (a good example being how India tried to shrink the market share of a certain crypto).

Away from the topic (ripple share price and market infuence) a bit. In a few years time, we should be using the digital money to buy the most basic things like vegetables, or home groceries in general, not just expensive stuff like electronics and the likes, that’s why ripple price predictions 2018 matters this much.

However, before we come to that point, have you thought about what happens when finally banks decide to give ripple XRP the lion’s share and adapt it as the legit currency of the world? Sounds scaring and exiting at the same times right?

But you know what, that’s where we are going, we are headed to a globalization concept whereby the earth will be under one leader, and one government, meaning it’s possible that everyone will be using one of these popular digital currencies as the mode of exchange.

That is, you no longer need to talk in terms of USD or your local currencies anymore because the trade language will be one, not shared.

Now Here is a Prediction or Prophecy (to be a bit religious,) When finally Ripple xrp becomes the World’s Currency like The USD:

To begin with, those who’ve invested with big cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and the rest, prepare because it’s possible that the managers and regulators of the currencies might disappear into thin air, to avoid responsibility. (R
ipple price predictions 2018).Well off cause, a generous way to part ways could be everybody gets their investment back, but who will be willing to buying the coins knowing they will not be able to sell them afterward?

Not even a baby would dare take leave along sharing such a responsibility, isn’t it?

On the other hand, setting the issue could entail, converting the coins to US dollars or directly to ripple, and everybody is given back what they invested into their bank account.

But is this Even Possible any time Soon looking at Ripple’s Market Share and Price?

Well, you may ask, what are the chances that indeed ripple XRP predictions might turn this way? For one we can agree that things change, and in this case, we all know that no bank can turn away currencies or technologies that promise convenience, which is exactly what ripple’s token, the xrp promises.

As of now, it goes without saying that the way money moves from one party to another is a bit slow and wanting. Ripple share price, through its XRP network, on the other hand, promises to ensure that investment, which in this case is money, exchanges hands fast, like it should be or expected in the digital world we are living in today. (
ripple price predictions 2018).

Why the XRP Token Stands a better Chance to Seduce all Banks

Already, close to 100 plus financial institutions are into ripple network and with the rate, new ones are joining the network, we can predict that come 2030, 70% of banks in the world will have joined the ripple networks. 

Meaning that at some point executives will have to sit on round table together, share their thoughts and decide to adopt the token as the main mode of digital currency exchange.But still, this doesn’t mean that other digital currencies will cease to be valuable or will drop in value, no. 

The truth is, they might still retain their value as well, or gain even more value. But like the way the dollar is, ripple XRP might take the position of the central currency (as the boss, not on a shared ticket).Ripple price predictions 2018That is, we know the US dollar is not the most valuable currency because the Euro is double its amount. However it goes without saying that the US dollar has retained the position as the central point of all currency values ever since that is what ripple XRP might be equated in feature compared to other currencies.

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