Time to Invest or Not? Will Ripple Makes Sense in 2025 like in 2018? (price prediction for XRP)

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When talking about ripple price prediction 2018 and its market share let’s know this, ripple remains the only digital currency that managed to earn trust with banks.

We are talking of over 70 banks that use ripple and its XRP coin in their blockchain protocol.

Before we dive into the ripple share of market and  price prediction xrp details, or how ripple might fare on in the second half of 2018 to 2030, let’s be on point: ripple is not really a 100% cryptocurrency but rather a protocol-like (or we could have said protocolisitic in case such a word existed) than a cryptocurrency.

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Let’s dig a bit to really get what this currency is and what its not to clear confusions that surround this crypto.

Before Cracking on Ripple Price Prediction 2018 Facts Right First: Ripple uses a Token called XRP

As in the token is the part of ripple that functions as the cryptocurrency, like how Bitcoin’s blockchain functions, going from one owner to another. But let us be on point, ripple functions a bit uniquely, making it a practical monetarist network for banks.

The overview of this concept is that banks are able to send enormous figures of cash digitally, unlike the conventional way where let us say a bank in the US will have to transport physical cash let’s say to a bank in China to justify the figures transferred through the wire.

Yes, that’s where the society is headed, a place where we can build a stable trust and relationships when it comes to money transfers. Besides just talking about ripple or it’s token the XRP what really invites inventions in cryptocurrencies is the fact that through such, people will be able to fully trust how their assets –money to be specific- move to the next owner or vise vasa –limiting chances of fraud and so on.

As we continue to evolve to many securely cryptographic computer-powered currencies in trade, banking institutors find the tech more convenient and are adapting to it.

In addition, those not embracing such tech risk being faced out by upcoming competitors, which are willing to flow with modernity. In practical terms banks require 3 to 7 day to effect a cash transfer (that’s the message you get when you sent your PayPal share of funds to a local bank) but with like ripple XRP in place your funds promise to appear on your bank within 30 or 1 hour time( to be on the higher side not to over present ripple price prediction 2018).

Ripple Price Prediction:  we can only Be as Clear as Possible here

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As at the time of this writing the ripple price is hitting a dollar, that is Ripple XRP = 0.830 -8.5 % against the average of those other coins. That may sound low compared to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which seem they will never sing such low tones. But one thing is certain; ripple generally stands stable even at that price prediction xrp rate compared to others.

Regarding when ripple came on board — not really far. The crypto became mentioned back in 2012 but experts explain that it got its boost after financial institutions adapted when it proved to be a fast option of the transaction. Behind its strength was that ripple, not the XRP earned trust with customers faster.

The Ripple Software that Powers Price Prediction xrp in Details

In the quest to explain this I’m going to use the simplest and most easy words to understand, how ripple software functions. Just to insist, ripple uses software, not an artificial intelligence software in this case, but a special one. By design, the software is set to pursue or create a special credit system that functions like a paradigm.

In that case, the understanding you get here is, ripple (not the XRP token but the network) functions like a little indigenous exchange system (that’s from an individual’s look). Now, the term ripple networks come in when many “local” exchange systems link to one another to result to what we call an invisible decentralized conjoint bank. By using the world invisible here it simply means the bank has no physical or online location where one can go do inquiries, anybody in the ripple XRP network is already in the bank, as a share holder.

Connecting it to the real world, ripple then becomes a social platform that hinges around the distribution of trust and honor in asset exchange between real people. That is also to say ripple’s network is hierarchical by default because banks are valued based on their worth of investment.

Ripple Feature or The Future of Ripple, will it Hit $100 in years to come 2018, 19 etc?


Well, to be honest, my personal take on price prediction xrp back then was that cryptocurrencies have no that elaborate future but after discussing with my wife we found that this is money we are talking about, only that it is in a different format. You may think that we were planning to invest with the crypto but –not really. However, we picked to approaches to predict how relevant the coin would be in a few years to come.

The first question: Will ripple XRP be relevant come 2025? as in, beyound ripple price prediction 2018? Our answer:  Unlike other cryptocurrencies, floating in the market ripple has this one advantage; banks have adopted it, to play that role of faster mode of cash transfer between financial institutions. Of cause that has been a great problem for years because the best period of waiting for banks to approve transactions is 3-7 days. But after converting your cash to ripple coins, you can send them across the network in within a few hours.

However, as of now, Bitcoin still leads as the world’s most popular cryptocurrency but then again ripple’s token XRP comes in the list of top four. Am I telling you it’s now safe to invest with ripple? Well, you can almost say that, looking at its relationship with banks all over. Founded by Jed McCaleb, and Larsen Chris, the experts say ripple is established on the concept of the safest digital payment protocol as its founding principle but it has likewise established great success as a token in its XRP digital coin format.

For quite sometimes, complains move around whether really ripple applies the concept of a decentralized money platform bearing the fact that the company which monitors this cryptocurrency is also the largest shareholder owning approximately 62% of the XRP coins. However that cleared away after clear explanations were given and that is, ripple indeed works as a decentralized platform (that is, not specific space controls it).

How, let me put in the simplest was that even a 5 year kid should understand (just to captivate your understanding neurons,) that is, first, ripple is an open source digital money, works peer to peer and allows multiple exchanges to different nodes, across several cryptocurrencies that is Litecoin, Bitcoin etc. And most captivating of all, even across established currencies like the Japanese Yen and the US dollar.

A Glance at How Ripple Share and Ripple XRP Works

In case you don’t mind we can relatively compare Ripple’s concept to a middleman acting as a link between two parties who are wishing to transact assets.  In this case, the asset could be ripple coins, (XRP) against USD or vice versa.  To be more professional and precise call it a gateway medium. The gateway being the term given to the credit intermediary or the body tasked with accepting the funds to different addresses of individuals on ripple platform.

Talking about securing space on ripple platform anybody willing and ready to place their investment is readily welcomed. The process to opt-in is also relatively easy and hustle-free all that is needed is, you go to ripple’s website or download its app and sign up and you become a fully authorized gateway to facilitate ripple XRP exchange.

As you would expect XRP is not only a token but the key crypto in the network. However as earlier said it is designed to operate with or on behalf all other permitted currencies ensuring that none fails to achieve its purpose. As in without interfering in the value of other participating cryptocurrencies on the platform while allowing profitable exchanges.

But is Ripple where it is Expected

David Schwartz made it clear that despite the fact that ripple together with its coin XRP has been in existence over six years since its inception, the cryptocurrency is still growing and possesses very great room for improvement. Nonetheless, most investors seeking to try their fortune with this digital note, that is buying then selling when the rates are high, seem confused by the fact that the coin is not as fast growing like Bitcoin and the rest.

However, here what needs to be explained, Bitcoin and the rest of the coins have had fluctuations which have gone as high as $1900 per coin to as low as $700 on average of all. On the other hand, the highest point ripple has hit is $3.67 or close to $4 something with its rock-bottom averaging above $0.5. The thing is the fluctuations gaps in these other cryptocurrencies can be completely unreliable and risky, that’s why we never have a direct answer to handle a topic like price prediction xrp for 2018 in details.

Okay, that doesn’t mean it is all safe and risk-free investing in ripple XRP all these are digital currencies with not one to really give guarantees, but the rate at which one can lose with one is bigger than the other. In summary fluctuations relating to digital currencies can be triggered by many things which other include physical influence – like the way a government was planning to declare cryptocurrencies illegal within its borders, such that whoever will be caught or traced engaging with any form of these will have a case to answer in court – and receive staunch disciplinary action.

Benefits Surrounding Ripple

Financial institutions are buying into the ripple system because of its ledger flexibility, speed, and trustworthiness. Just to expound a bit on that: banks, now that we are past the ages when customers had to beg then for services –that is today there are countless numbers of banks competing to have the attention of customers and this is evident by the fact that, customers can know switch to competitors right from their living rooms. Through a smartphone.

As in, gone are the days when you had to physically appear at the bank to open an account –well that aside, how does ripple as an institution or as a token represented by its ripple XRP get in here or demand it’s market share?

Video Source: youtube on price predition xrp

Simple, the ripple system permits the fastest transfer of ledger across platform than and it’s directly endorsed by different banks. Which in essence facilitates efficient in business operation, hope that sentence nailed it well, first time right. If not read on you will grasp more.

Now, here’s the read deal, Ripple as a network avails a special field (contrary to how normal banks work) by improving the condition of transactions. That is with its XRP token and network transactions get finalized, settled, approved and recorded within the shortest time possible (all this takes seconds to be precise) without depending on whether the network is crowded by other transactions.

Off cause in the conventional way of doing thing banks will have the customers wait on queues to approve transaction even when they are done through the banking software.  Now comparing that to how cryptocurrency systems work, ripple and Bitcoin to be particular it’s obvious that this tech is the future of banking.

Back to Ripple XRP Price Prediction And the News Trend To Look at

And let’s get some figures in a capped amount of time to see more insight into the future of ripple price prediction 2018:


  • The High History:  Ripple XRP has high with an average of $3.315 per coin for 50 week
  • The Low History: Another phrase, ripple XRP in seen an average low of 0.15 for 50 weeks.

Doing the calculations, $3.315 – $0.15 within the cap period of 50 weeks we get an average of 3.165. Well if you are planning to invest in XRP coins that should alarm you that ripple, too fluctuates with serious rates like Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies.

However, on the other hand, you can be optimistic and take that fluctuation gap as your profit in case you happen to invest when a coin is costing that 0.1… low and it rises to 3.1… high. Now here is the catch, in case you into the game to make money with ripple XRP’s share, why don’t you sell the coins and bank you profit either in US dollars or your local currency.Yes, it possible because in fact, ripple’s network in banks will help you sent your money to your physical bank in minutes. 

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