A Shortcut to the Best Engine Degreaser that Cleans Your Car Faster

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Did you know that the best engine cleaning degreaser makes your car retain that splendid look there inside? Well, I didn’t know that before until a fellow whispered it to my ears about it.

Initially, I wouldn’t wish someone around when opening my car’s bonnet (checking on the oil levels, fluid or something of the sort, got it?

But then came the engine cleaning degreaser and using it on my vehicle, I now don’t mind that rude neighbor popping his eyes under the hood.

I mean the cover of my car’s “internal” is now super clean!

Well, facts right, it’s not that I didn’t try to keep the car clean before grabbing the best engine degreaser — nope. I’ve quite invested in some cleaning measures; including a pressure cleaner with some 24,000 PSI which they say is the best for pressure-blasting off grime, but for the engine, it is about removing grease plus dirt.

Truth from experience: if you manage to land the best degreaser you’ll unclog all dirt in no time. You’d as well say it transforms your vehicle’s engine to its newest comparison possible.

Top of that, experts also say maintaining a clean engine block has something to do with boosting or enhancing the car’s performance.

Well, off cause that’s logical because it means optimizing its cooling mechanism by reducing the non-conductive layer of dirt that could retain some heat around the engine’s surface.

What Do You Mean by the Best Engine Cleaning Degreaser?

That’s an obvious question, but for real it needs a smart answer to help have facts right. As it sounds, a degreaser refers to a special chemical substance specifically meant to cut through greasily dirt and grime on metal surfaces as well as wooden surfaces. Well, it’s not for skin use so please don’t ask that.

As a matter of facts, it goes without saying that no matter the amount of normal washing powder you use, some greasy stains are just super stubborn.

Okay, there is that option of trying to use hot water and pressure blasting the oily-dirt, but that also works only if the dirt is not overstayed.

Otherwise, if we are talking of an “old” layer of grime, you’ll need to waste a lot of time there trying to clean your engine that’s ideally why you need the best engine degreaser, to move faster.

Really? Why Do I need the Engine Cleaning Degreaser Chemical for My Car?

Well, you love your car, right? That’s a silent yes off cause – it does ferry you to and from your workplace, gives you a lifestyle and so on… That means you also need to take care of it in the correct manner. At least a professionally recommended manner and this comes down to using the safest and effective engine degreaser.

What you are trying to do in essence is upholding the aesthetic value of the engine, optimize its performance and have it last longer. Not to mention the obvious idea that this keeps you from frequent visits to the mechanic for fixes –that’s what the best engine degreaser would do for you.

The Benefits Of Using Best Engine Cleaning Degreaser — When Cleaning your Car


  • First, it’s very easy to use, no ratio mixing complications when diluting
  • It retains that new look on the engine and inside the car hood
  • The cleaned surface may alert you of leakages from worn-out gaskets or oil seals.
  • It also helps you spot cracks on the engine block early
  • It boosts the cooling aspect of the car
  •  A clean engine hikes your car’s value in the market
Do Engine Degreasers Vary with Type

Like with many cleaning substances or detergents, this fluid comes composed from different formulas. As in, you’ll need to check the building constituents to evaluate whether a type is safe or will perform the cleaning task well. The best engine degreaser can exist in either of the below forms:
Type 1: Green Degreasers – these are safe on vegetation and natural resources.

Type 2: Foam Degreasers – these produce foam. 

Type 3: Petroleum Made Degreasers – these use petrol as the major reducing agent.
Type 4: Metal Solvent Degreasers- these employ metallic solvent to cut grease and grime. 

5 High Rated Best Engine Degreasers


1.     CLD Chemical Guys Engine Degreaser

Despite being somewhat multipurpose, the CLD chemical guys cleaning degreaser proves effective on stubborn engine dirt. You can as well use it on your other surfaces like let’s say the kitchen floor where most likely you’ve poured cooking oil.

That’s not all, you have oily tires, leaking generators or a lawnmower etc. This is the fluid to clean all your home engine powered equipment in short. The secret behind its cleaning effect is that it uses a citrus kind of technology to weaken grimes of all nature – qualifying it as best engine degreaser among others.



  • Usable with a sprayer can to boost convenience
  • Economical, you need a small measure diluted for the whole task
  • Uses a scientific formula to break down dirt
  • Can remove long-time gunk in the first wash by emulsifying the grease or oil



  • Some people over-dilute or under-diluted it which may result in unwanted results.
2.     Foamy Engine (Gunk FEB1)

From its name, this is a foam-based engine degreaser, mostly identified as the Gunk FEB1. What isolates it from the rest is that it offers almost instant results on surfaces, meaning you’ll take the shortest time to clean those hidden crevices in your engine or gearbox (that is if you are mechanic and doing some repairs on the transmission system.)  You’ll also not need to worry about the rubber or plastic cables or covers being corroded because the substance is not corrosive, call it the best engine degreaser and you’ll still be on point. 

  • Not corrosive on metal or plastic surfaces
  • Spay based therefore fast and easy to use
  • Reduced cleaning time (less than 20 minutes)
  • No force needed to hit-lose the dirt, just spaying and it melts

  • You’ll need to rinse to completely eliminate the residue
3.     Spray Nine HD’s Best Engine Degreaser

Do you want something friendly to the environment around your home compound? The Spray Nine degreaser answers that as it breaks with time to an organic substance. It’s best for your car hood, and hydraulic powered home-based equipment. You can use to unclog the tough grime anywhere on your car, including the moving parts.

  • Not corrosive on metal or plastic surfaces
  • Safe to use even beside your home garden (environment-friendly)
  • No fumes or scent that may hurt your respiratory system
  • USDA confirmed so you’ll not penalize by environmentalists
  • Non-corrosive on all surfaces
  • No risk of storing it close to fire

  • It’s cheaper than expected

4.     Grand Slam’s Best Engine Cleaning Degreaser 

This degreaser substance is not picky on surfaces. Talk of rubber surfaces like tires, insulator plastics, mechanic tools, engines, wooden or concrete floors – it cleans all of them by ideally weakening the bonds holding the grime particles. You also don’t have to worry about corrosion on your engine when using the Grand Slam Degreaser.

  • It’s safe on vegetation  — no dangerous components as constituents 
  • Cut’s thru grease or oily bonds first, saving you time and money
  • Safe on paint and plastic surfaces
  • You can easily clear off the residue using cold water when through with the taskCons:
  • You may need a pressure cleaner to rinse off the residue from crevices
  • A concentrated mixture may corrode aluminum  coated surfaces

5.     Griot’s Garage Degreaser Detailing Kit

The Griot’s is equipped with accessories which include an adjustable sprayer, the cleaning substance, and dresser aerosol for furnishing the surface after the task. The procedure here may need you to at least loosen the greasy grime using let’s say a hard bristled scrubber to pave the way for the cleaning fluid. Everything else required to tackle the task with this best engine degreaser is found on the instructions label. 

  • The Detailing Kit comes with an additional surface polisher
  • No acidic effect on your engine
  • You can achieve a glossy finish by applying a thick coat of the polisher
  • Being petrol-based it’s super-tough on stains

  •  Using a concentrated solution can corrode soft surfaces

Which One Wins among these 5 Engine Cleaning Degreasers?

Can I say we have done the legwork for you to manually evaluate the aspects that match to form the best degreaser; sure, here is a splendid shortcut for you. Our analysis characterizes the substance by type, and ease of use.
Sr. No
Preferred Surface
Ease of Use
CLD Chemical Guys
Metal solvent
Metal, vinyl, rubber
Foamy Engine FEB1
Metal and vinyl
Spray Nine HD
Best Rated
Grand Slam Degreaser
Machine, Engines
Griot’s Detailing Kit
Best on Engines

How to Decide Best of the Best Engine Degreaser

From a quick look, we advise you to go with NO. 4 the Grand Slam Degreaser, because besides being a green substance it is super effective in cleaning engines as well as another surface.
Meaning it’s multipurpose property will save you cash when you’ll need to clean either your kitchen floor or concrete walls as well.

It is also easy to use given the simple instructions which direct you on how to achieve the correct level of concentration – that is when diluting the substance. Top on that you’ll not fear about possible mishandling that could lead to acid-like or fire-like consequences.

Expert Advice

When it comes to picking a cleaning urgent like this for your car, it’s also important to apply some general wisdom. That is, looking at the cover of the product (whether appealing or not or how enticing the description reads) that’s not enough to locate the best engine degreaser.

But with such a breakdown it’s easy to tell what exactly you need. Like in this case, at least we can be certain that the Grand Slam stands the best chance to give the best service compared to most choices availed online.

Well, there is also that aspect of cost –which ideally should not be the core-deciding factor when you need quality. In simple words, your best engine degreaser should be able to over deliver its purpose without exposing your engine or whatever surface you want to use with, to corrosion.  

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