Safaricom to Launch iPhone X 256GB

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Rumors have it that Safaricom is planning to launch iPhone X 256GB “but is Apple aware of that?” Just kidding. Well, for one the green giant as some people call it is known for surprises and this might be outright possible.

Just the other day, the company announced that it is opening a new Safaricom shop in Nyahururu –a project that was least expected in the area. If it turns out accurate and Safaricom launches iPhone X 256GB before Apple does that officially in Kenya, that would mean that the company is taking a new direction- “inventing smartphones.”

Unconfirmed sources say that the iPhone X 256GB has all features native to iPhone device. As in, pick one the right hand and the other on the left and ask your son to tell difference, the kid has a 200% chance of missing the correct pick.

The Announcement

As to why the announcement is a blur and not clear enough, rumors blame that to the fact that it so much resembles Apples iPhone 6, 7 and 8, and you know what that means… well, the announcement was published in of the newspapers native to city dwellers and was placed somewhere close a valentine’s day ad… (The erred advert points out that Safaricom plans to launch iPhone 10 plus –that’s why we are asking whether Apple is aware of a 10 plus launch in the area).

The Price in Kenya of Safaricom’s ‘Underwater’ iPhone X 256GB


Safaricom's iPhone X 256GB
Source: futurecdn

According to the ad, whether it was a print-miss or not, or just a way of raising valentine moods -Safcom as most of us call the giant mobile service provider corrected to make it clear that the launch is for iPhone X 256GB and it is selling the device at Ksh. 184,999. The smartphone comes packed with some 10GB bundles for your endless browsing.
Well, let’s wait and see how Mother green will put it, is it iPhone 10 plus or iPhone X 256GB.

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