Safaricom or Airtel Data plan for Bundles -Which is Cheaper?

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Cheapest between safaricom and airtel data bundles
Which way: safaricom or airtel subscription for bundles? Credit ucharis

Safaricom announced its offer to slash the cost of data bundles by over 53 percent a month and a half ago. So as of now, you are possibly getting Easy30, and 50 at 3,500/= and  50GB at 6000/=. Well, on the same note, the airtel data plan is not behind as it used to be anymore, and as of the time of this write-up, you’ll get 10GB for 1000/=  –with the amazing data bundles‘ plan. In other words, Safaricom and Airtel are rubbing shoulders for the benefit of the customers!  

Well, maybe a closer look will help us identify the company that offers the cheapest plan. Safaricom’s Easy30 is valid for 30 days, it’s ‘tweeny,’ the Easy50 data plan extends validity to 45 days. Doing the math, airtel’s 10GB for Ksh. 1000 bundle plan seem cheaper because there is a difference of 500/= against the Easy 30 (which as mentioned above is Kenya shillings 3000 (that is 1000/= per 10GB, like Airtel). Hope you are not lost in the calculations -right?

So Which is Cheaper Safaricom or the Airtel Data Plan for Bundles? 

safaricom or aitel data bundles which is cheaper?


However, there is a catch by Safaricom –in case you deplete your data bundles before the elapse of 30 days, under the two ‘Easy’ plans, you’ll continue browsing the net but at a capped speed of 256 kbps. If you look at that carefully, it means you are seemingly under an unlimited data plan –which is not bad for an airtel subscription plan. But on the other hand, with airtel’s 10GB, of cause it will be hard to finish the bundles that easy within a month unless you are an internet market or something…

Safaricom and Airtel Internet Speeds

Initially, Safaricom was known for being top with speeds of up 4G and above now, both (that is Airtel and Safaricom )are playing in almost the same league –but ‘safcom’ as most people call it is still a bit faster. Ideally, the faster the speed the more data bundles are being consumed. So in this case, it’s most likely that an easy 30 subscriber even if they have 30GB for 3,500/= will deplete his or bundles.

Well, this is not an endorsement on either of the companies, it is just a general review, hope it is balanced as it should be. So what’s your take- which among the two, Safaricom slush Airtel data plan offers the cheapest data bundles according to you?  

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