How to Handle a Wife “2” in Her First Weeks of Pregnancy

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You must have heard that you need to know how to handle a wife during her first weeks after confirming the pregnancy –something that affects 50 - 90 percent of all women. But if not, thank goodness you are here because, with some women, that time can be hellish to the relationship. This is the time you hear stories like, “My wife sends me out at night to bring her some french-fries, She craves for eggs to extents of crying, she wanna eat cookies all day,” and so on… Hope it is now clear why you need to know how to handle a wife during her pregnancy, right? So let’s move on to the actual facts:

It’s Just For a Season

As a matter of facts and from many stories shared online, the biggest issues when the wife begins to show such behaviors like cravings, touchiness, stubbornness and overly emotional, is that the man may think she is being bossy and she might as well continue with that behavior henceforth. The simple approach should be, this would pass with time.

In most cases, at the elapse of let’s say 3-4 months in the pregnancy she should have regained her normal state of behaving. Ideally, the importance of mastering how to handle a wife at such a time is that in the long run, she will believe that you are more intelligent than her.

Remember She’s Carrying Life, So You are not Just trying to Implement How to Handle a Wife Skills

There are no words to emphasize the importance of life especially when the baby is developing inside the womb of a woman –it’s sacred. In addition to that, this is your wife carrying life inside her. As to whether the baby is yours or not, it still pays to give it some respect. From another angle of view, it’s important to note that the life developing in her is what really is interfering with her emotions and at least you should help her handle those emotions by being moderately kind.

Well, you may wonder “why moderately kind,” but to be realistic sometimes it’s hard to be even kind to your wife when this strange behavior of cravings unexpectedly comes into the relationship. That’s why this seemingly obvious topic, How to handle a wife needs to be embraced by a smart man.

Overlook The “Childish Conduct”  

how to handle a wife
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Did I just mention something to do with childish behaviors? Sure, you heard that right. During your wife’s first week of her pregnancy, it’s normal for her to act childish and kinder demanding sometimes. So don’t think it’s an out of the world kind of behavior.

Well… this doesn’t mean that you overlook your wife because she behaves childish, hell no! That way the problem might worsen – simply ignore the fact that she’s being childish, be the sober character and believe it or not, you are a genius at how to handle a wife during her pregnancy if you take it that way.

Yey! A simple lesson –right? So how do you personally tackle this “how to handle a wife” topic, especially when she behaves touchy or overly craving strange things, not just during her pregnancy? -let us know in the comment section below. And trust me, your comment might save a falling marriage.

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