Dealing with Stubborn People: Handling Wife When She is Stubborn

The topic on how to handle a wife when she plays the stubborn character in an argument is not new to married folks. Yes, ask any man and they’ll tell you that handling her when she has made up her mind to keep a stand is like dipping your finger into hell.

Well, however, there is nothing that doesn’t have a way out. One thing that should encourage you is that being your close partner, (not dealing stubborn people) here are buttons you can press to normalize the situation. So check how to handle a wife when she proves stubborn without destroying the relationship.

1.     Look Beyond the Current Situation

Let’s be realistic here, the truth is, your wife has not always been stubborn, right? In other words, you have managed to handle her happiness without ado before.  Now, shift your focus to how she’s been good to you before –remember how she does all house chores, how she ensures everything goes right at home and so on…

Ideally, it’s good to know that the current state your wife is in will not remain forever. In fact, the cycle of quarreling and resolving issues should help you know how to handle a wife because if you take a closer look, the whole thing is a repetitive cycle of events –in all marriages.

2.     Know That all People Become Stubborn at Times

Have it settle in your brain that men and women are two different creatures and they will never react the same to issues. A man will always handle rejection by being either calm or trying to find how they can navigate around the matter.
However, for a woman, rejection is not an easy thing –in fact, it can steal all her joy for the rest of the week. So if you want to handle a wife when she proves stubborn ensure not to suggest in any way that you are rejecting her in the way you tackle the situation.

3.     Don’t Provoke her in the Name of Trying to Learn “How to Handle a Wife”

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In simple words, don’t set her up to emotions so that you experiment with her feeling. In fact, the moment that your spouse knows that you are actually trying to learn on her you’ll not like the lessons she’ll offer you.

Always try to be as genuine as possible, don’t be tricky in
serious matters. And with that, she’ll learn to trust your efforts on trying to control the situation every time things go out of control.    

In summary, you don’t need to be a genius to master how to deal stubborn people or handle a wife to be precise. Just accept that something is amiss and can be corrected if you as the man will decide to be the sober partner. The man is the head –right? Thus, if so, because the brain is inside the head, the man should be the responsible partner in managing all miss-understandings. 

So be the gentleman and handle your wife with some respect.

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