SpaceX Dragon Capsule Returns To Earth After Space Station Delivery {New update}

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Return of SpaceX Dragon Capsule from Space Station. photo credit NASA TV.

Space missions seem to bring a lot of hope to scientists as they plan to explore deeper after the Space X Dragon Capsule returns. That’s if they actually manage to understand everything the space world into details. You may ask what?  But if in case you are not aware, plans are underway to migrate to Mars and this is seen in a new research that aims to empower robots to build human habitats up there, a space city is also in mind and already over 2000 people have signed to secure their space up there, and so on. Well, let us come to the current news, “SpaceX Dragon Capsule returns safe and sound from Space Station.
Well, in case you need to get facts right from the go, SpaceX is one of Elon Musk companies that deal with space travels and explorations. The Dragon Capsule is one of the company’s spacecraft thought be of excellent technological capabilities from its features, and more so what it can accomplish in space travels. 

The Return Journey of SpaceX Dragon Capsule from Space Station: 
Space reports that Space X Dragon took off from the International Space Station headed back to its starting point of the trip: the Earth on Saturday 13. Wrapping up an almost one-month journey on a delivery mission-, 2018’s “SpaceX Dragon Capsule return” also makes it a second successful journey to space by human scientists.
The Dragon supply ship unanchored from space’s robotic arm at exactly 4:58 EST (9:58 AM GMT) on its back to the home journey. And by 10:39 AM (3:59 PM, GMT,) SpaceX reported that the ship splashed on the Pacific Ocean of California, the coast of Baja.  
In the interpretation a SpaceX’s representative, “it was a good splash because it was expected and the company is excited to say that it has started plans to retrieve the ship” 
SpaceX Dragon Capsule returns intact, so What Was is in Transit?
Well, to be precise the Dragon, as its name suggests was loaded to capacity. We are talking of 1,860 kgs (4,100lbs) suspended in air. Well, to some of us that’s not weight but remember here are talking about space travel and needless to say that there are no specific “safe” routes like (road travels) to exceed such a limit. 
NASA’s official notes that in the load was much of science staff. From animal and human research gear -to some completed experiments from a company that tries to be the fast Made in Space manufacturing company (which it has succeeded to make 3d-print ZBLAN fiber optic grass). Not forgetting other staff for NASA’s Rodent Research –originally intended to develop the treatment for muscle loss in space, that being study 6. Now that the dreaded journey is complete and this SpaceX Dragon Capsule return is termed safe, NASA need’s to tell us what’s in with preciseness. 
The Launch of the Dragon Mission

Spacex dragon capsule returns

                                                                  Source: SpaceX

In case you missed the headlines, the mission kick stated on 15 Dec last year at SpaceX Falcom 9, and the journey was set to take exactly one month, which it did. During the up journey, the ship was loaded with much staff all gears for astronauts which weighed over 2100 kgs. For sure, that sounds quite interesting because it proves that our researchers’ capacity to do more in space is kinder guaranteed. Maybe next time we will be talking about something close to SpaceX Dragon Capsule returns with over 20, 000 kgs from space and so on. 

New updates about SpaceX dragon capsule return:

NASA’s report on of the analysis of the journey (after SpaceX dragon capsule return) says that SpaceX capsule manage to have one of the most successful trip ever. There were no serious engine malfunctions either to or from. And his is giving the scientists hope to explore deeper into other space bodies i.e the millions of moons found on other planets.

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