LG’s New ThinQ Smart Fridge Runs webOS and has a Transparent 29-inch touchscreen

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                                             Via: The Verge

Can we say that LG will exist forever because when you think it’s an old brand, they strike with a totally new invention, in fact, mind-blowing ones? Well to be fair, Samsung splashed the headlines with its touchscreen fridge sometimes back; while LG shone with refrigerators that turned transparent to have you see the inside without opening the doors. Now, LG, at the 2018 CES has merged the two concepts in its new InstaView ThingQ smart fridge
It is interesting how technology is trying to make life on earth super easy. In the sleeping mode, the new fridge is opaque but when you want to look what is inside you just need to knock the door twice and it will turn transparent, see? You’ll not need to use much effort, and in addition to that, you’ll also not have changed the temperatures by opening the door. 
The First Attempt
This is not actually the first time LG is trying to unveil such a product. The idea can be dated back to some two years ago, where it claimed to have made a Smart Interview fridge that ran the full version of Windows 10. What is not known is if the company managed to shipped any kind of such a product, but this time around, it’s more serious. 
So What is Unique with the New Invention? 
The most notable feature with the InstanView ThinQ smart refrigerator is the 29-inch touchscreen. As in, the screen is multi-usable. You can regulate the temperatures through the touchscreen’s settings panel; see notifications on what needs to be added, as well as the level of the tagged items. All that is enabled by the LG webOS software and the incorporated Amazon’s Alexa, which helps you tag contents with virtual stickers to show their expiration dates. That is, when a food is remaining with a week to go bad, you’ll receive notifications on the screen. 
In addition to that, there is a panoramic camera that monitors the inside of the refrigerator from a remote view, meaning that you can actually know when you need to add some veggies from the sitting room or from your bedroom. 
The future of LG’s ThinQ Kitchen Gadgets
With the current outburst of AI technology, LG seems to be quite ambitious with its ThinQ kitchen appliances. It claims that the gadgets will in the near feature talk to each other and make suggestions on what they think the kitchen should be. The ThinQ fridge would ask your EasyClean oven to follow the instruction of the recipe app on the refrigerator to prepare a certain kind of food.
Let’s assume you had already kept row egg in a cooking dish, that would be easy because the oven would just auto-regulate the temperature that is required to cook the egg and go off after it’s cooked. The hard part would be that you’ll need to replace all your appliances and that would cost quite a lot of money. 
Back to the Price of the ThinQ Fridge
Unfortunately, LG has not revealed the price or the release date to the public. All we can do is hang and wait for now. Nonetheless it obvious that the gadget would cost a dime based on the technological resources that might have been put in place to come up with the so-called the InstaView ThinQ refrigerator.

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