LG Presents the World’s First 88-inch 8K Oled Display

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Just as people wait to finally replace their screens with the 4K and HDR, the engineers at LG Display have come forth with another higher invention. The new 8K, 88-inch OLED display -also the largest and highest pixel screen so far; can we call it the “888” OLED technology? I think the name would still fit so nicely.


Will the customers have a feel of the first largest 88-in, 8K OLED Display anytime soon?
That’s a yes! In the coming CES, the manufacturer based in Korea will be allowing attendees to interact (come closer, touch) and even get a smart talk of how they managed to make the new 88-inch 8K OLED screen come to a reality. Possible keywords that will feel the air during the CES may include, amazing, wow display, in the world, showing the clearest images and so forth -dimensions will also be defined.
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Specs for the 88-inch 8K OLED
Well, since it was just an announcement, (and to put it in the real language,) a show off by LG Display gurus, the specs were barely shared except for the already mentioned 88-inch screen, and the resolution of 8000 pixels or in short, 8K OLED. To date, that’s the highest known resolution as well as the biggest known OLED panel in the world. 
Pointing to the specs, we expect strong processing power and possibly maybe a great disk space with awesome software integration that could accommodate other functions like YouTube, online streaming and so forth. As in, the building tech could be amazing but let us wait. 
The Previous Largest OLED
For sometimes, OLED displays only managed to hit 77-inches mark, coupled with 4K as the resolutions pixel. They are also not limited as consumers can get them from LG, Electronics, Panasonic, and Sony may be also with other TV brands that are yet to be popular. What should be put clear is that LG OLED Display sells the screen to all these manufacturers as it’s the only OLED panel display maker. 
You may ask, “what about Samsung Display?” well, it shifted its attention from OLED TVs to QLED TVs, making LG the sole big sized OLED display producer in the whole world. However this is not without competition because it still needs to reach the wider market, and with that, the Japan LG Display is pushing for mobile OLED panels. 
Future of OLED Display Manufacturing 
Plans are in progress to increase production capacity and part of this includes the construction of another OLED plant outside Korea. The new factory will be situated in China’s Guangzhou city where it’s expected that more space and skilled labor will be abundant, which the South Korean government is expected to approve on the project anytime soon.  
As of now -while waiting for the enormous OLED technology invention to hit the market we can be saving some cash because for sure it’s possible that this “thing” will cost a fortune. Can we guess the amounts? Well, since all we know is the 8K pixel resolution and the width (88’), it’s not really fair to give out figures without other elements like the processing power and supporting features.

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