Is Ripple XRP The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in?

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best cryptocurrency to invest in
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Ripple xrp value or price currently stands at $1.1361, and for upcoming investors, the question remains whether ripple is the best cryptocurrency to invest in. Well, maybe digging into the details of this crypto will help us establish whether it is worth throwing some dollars in it -for some possible cool profit in the near future. To begin, ripple xrp is an altcoin. It is considered as an alternative in case someone in not impressed by the price of the heavyweight coins –Bitcoin, Ethereum and the rest. Personally, I have been thinking about investing a few dollars into ripple xrp but the question keeps coming in -is it the best cryptocurrency for an upcoming millionaire like me or you?

Let’s Look Into Some Figures Relating to Ripple as a Possible Best Cryptocurrency

But before that, wants to make it clear that there is a great difference between ripple and ripple xrp. Ripple is the supervising firm that ensures the coin’s transactions remain legal and on time, while ripple xrp is the digital asset or the actual cryptocurrency people invest in. Now, to the numbers: it is said there are 38,739,142,811 ripple coins in circulations, which in total translates to a market capitalization of $113.89 billion. Well to me, the figures are impressive and they basically show that the crypto asset is kinder stable -or it has a voice in the market

As in, logically, you’ll want to deal with a virtual currency that makes some sense in the market even if it is not that highly valued. While the worth of ripple xrp is also not best or eye-catching as it would be for Bitcoin -which currently hinges at around $13,000 -it is also evident that ripple xrp may enjoy the benefit of minimal gaps when it comes to fluctuation gaps compared to all other cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin’s Instability Chart

ripple coinbase chart best cryptocurrency
Chart via: coinbase

Lately, Bitcoin has given us reasons not to trust it completely because of its instability. On January first week, the cryptocurrency -valuing close to $20,000 seemed to be the best coin to invest in. But after 2 weeks, things changed for the worst –the giant coin felt below $16,100, then to $12,380 in the following week, and the graph is still not trustworthy up to now.
Ripple xrp Stability (chart via ripple charts)
Via ripple charts
With ripple xrp, we cannot really say that it’s variations are that serious so far, because even if a change occurs it is mostly below a difference of $1 dollar. This does not mean to insinuate that ripple xrp, because of its value and stability the best cryptocurrency –capital NO. We are just doing a postmortem to be able to understand which the sexiest virtual currency is. Got it?
Let’s continue… there is another thing that tends to make upcoming investors think more about ripple xrp, not just its value, but as the possible best cryptocurrency to invest in. What is that? The coin is becoming diverse in terms of geographic coverage faster and consistency. According to experts, over 61 banks have embraced xrp as their means of quick liquid money transfer. What does that mean, if banks think this digital asset is going to stay longer, I think it worth trying it. BUT, it is good to always have it in mind that none of these virtual currencies is 100 percent promising that you’ll not lose your cash.
But Even So, is Ripple the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In?
According to the above analysis, we can say that xrp stands a good chance of making some big impact in the crypto world. This is ideally because a large number of upcoming “millionaires” want to invest in ripple, and as you know, small investors are often the lot that impacts any economy. So it could be the best cryptocurrency to put on your watch list.

In summary, the value and worth of ripple xrp has been for the most time scaling up than down. What that means is that you want to watch the coin if you are after the best cryptocurrency to invest in –who knows -maybe it will become a gem in the near feature. Or what do you think? Let’s hear your take in the comment section below.       

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  1. I have the opinion the bitcoin, ripple, and other cryptocurrencies fall are connected only with desire keeping them afloat, not to let the bubble burst because of too much capitalization growth. In fact, we are soon expecting a jump in the currency, so that traders are just waiting for the best moment.
    About this and many other things, you can read and ask questions bitcoin for yourself.

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