Facebook ‘M’ AI Assistant dies on 19th January {Updated}

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Faceboo M AI

                                                    image via: LinkedIn- Alok Singh

While innovators are busy trying to bring their AI projects to life, but facebook is planning to assassinate its Facebook ‘M’ AI. What is that? M AI is an artificially-intelligent (system) that was originally designed to use human operatives to gauge its operatives and ensure that they were not only factual but also on point. Well, it‘s like this project was kind of a miscalculation because even when you look at its founding concept, something seems a miss and now the Facebook M AI will have to die!

However, the team working with Mark Zuckerberg has come out to say that it going to shut down the platform in the next two weeks which falls to the 19th of this month. The news strikes after 2.5 years of operation, which Facebook told the verge that the project was not meant to be something significant as it was just an experimental project.
I didn’t see the Facebook M AI assistant…?
Well, this project was not for public participation, only a handful of folks in San Francisco were meant to take part in the test. While we can take it that way, for now, it is possible that the project could not have been impactful even it was to be accessible to the whole public. According to Facebook, the idea behind inventing the project was that the system would learn to answer various questions through messenger.

The original Plan
As in, the AI was expected to think for itself along as a particular line of interest and answer questions for assistance through messenger. It was also expected to become sophisticated to an extent that it could actually assist Siri, Assistant or Alexa. Unfortunately, the software was found to incline more on getting people to make calls with a perpetually limited utility. 
For me, I think FB got it wrong this time around because, unlike those days when the social network was being launched, nowadays users are looking for what can add real value to their daily lives. And the project was short of that completely. Fortunately, FB is kind enough not to have disengaged those who were working on the project as it has said that they will continue working on other projects. 
For the two years M AI was in operation, the social networks claim that it has not in any way lost because they have been able to learn a lot through it and that the insights will be used to establish other related internal projects in the company. 
Facebook M AI is, or “was” free
Although not clearly revealed it’s possible that the directors of M were not happy with the planned stoning of it, that would mean the acquired knowledge will be used somewhere else not initially planned. Well, there are plenty of similar human-run concierge although one cannot use them without paying. Maybe this is why M is being taken down because it was kinder free to the user but a steep loss to Facebook.  
Of cause, the engineers expected that the AI would eventually take off, but it’s unfortunate that users didn’t find good reasons to embrace it, so it has to die, and the death is scheduled on date 19. For the better testers in San Francisco, the countdown is on and in a few days, we’ll have to forget the feel of M.    
Below is an update showing the message that FB shared concerning the fate of their Facebook “M” AI Assistant citing the reason for their action.

Rest in peace Facebook “M” AI.

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