Apple Displaying Subscription Apps W/Free Trials in New App Store Section

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Ever thought that you can get a free deal from Apple? Well, that’s the only way to get people or customers that matter to try something they’ve not tried before and Apple is following the trend. The gadget giant recently started highlighting some popular subscriptions with free trials. Can we say it’s a quest to showcase the new content in the App Store? Well, that will still be very correct but ideally, you don’t really expect a give without a take back with such a big company.
The Why and Where Question?
For the why query, it is a way of advertising. And if you’ve not yet seen the apps, could be you’ve not been keen the new section located right under the “Apps” -where? In the App Store, check out for a “Try it For Free” title and there you are. Should we say that now even big companies have known to give back to the society? Well… it depends on one’s angle of interest. But for now, let’s enjoy the free apps.

Apple’s Free Applications
The free app selection spotlight is currently in four applications:
·       USA Today
·       1Password
·       Panna Video Recipes
·       Coloring Books
Where is The Catch?
Ideally, although there are some monetary gains in the free offer (afterward), it is good that Apple is giving clients a chance to taste a product for some time before actually upgrading to a full premium version. For instance, there is the 1Passwork app which folks can enjoy a full version of it in a 30-day free trial. After that, if they are satisfied they can have it for one year in a subscription plan. To access that, choose the free trial, that it takes you to a
Subscription Offer page that informs you about the number of days the trial lasts, the price after the offer and how to get the app – that is by downloading it.
Is This the First Time Such is Happening?
Not really. Basically, these apps were on free trial ever since only that Apple is setting up the spotlight to point to them.  The effort of all this is to is to promote subscription applications and grant users an ample chance to try apps, get to see whether they fit into their life before committing to the pay proposed subscription mode.
Apple is also finalizing the mission of redesigning its App Store in iOS 11. And know what it seems to focus more on curation programs. The upgrade took place under a touted burner that said App Store’s holiday season.
Want a taste? Check around for the App Store app on your iOS for the “Try It For Free” highlights.

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