AI, Corti is Helping Danish Emergency Dispatchers Detect Heart Attacks

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Emergency AI dispatchers
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AI is helping the Health Care System to climb to higher heights with Corti’s support on Emergency Communication. Well, if you are you are wondering who Corti is, – this an artificially Intelligent system, or call it a machine if you like. Basically, when AI is mentioned, it means a machine has been trained to operate relatively the same or close to how a real human would do.
In this case, the AI system is designed to detect and interpret signals as blur as they could be, and take-up vibrations emanating from emergency calls. It does that to offer advice to the emergency dispatchers on necessary actions. Corti is also able to think on its own and transfer the information to the dispatchers on the relative physical address of a caller (or the victim).
Here is a Real Life Scenario Where Corti the AI System Intervened
According to Fast Firm, Copenhagen, an incident was reported that a man had fallen off the roof and broke his back. However, after heeding the background keenly, Corti could hear the victim gasping for breath with a faint rattling noise. This was a clear sign that the man, as of that moment, had stopped breathing. As Corti the AI was still processing the details of the signals, it was unable to assist, reason: the victim had stopped breathing.
What does that tell us, if it was not for the machine, the rescuers would have run to the scene hoping to secure a life and in the event direct the most needed recourses to a “gone case”. For sure, why sent the emergency ambulance to rescue an already dead person? Are you getting the idea? well, of cause no offense intended here. It is a simple application of facts and that is exactly wha the AI system, Corti is implementing. In simple words, if a more serious case came up, the ambulance would be used to handle a much hopeful case.
Why is Corti a Good Deal in Relation to ‘AI Saving Heart Attack Patients and Doctors?
Corti comes in handy to relieve the predicaments of the emergency dispatchers. With such AI developments added to human ability, it will indeed help to save lives related to cardiac arrest. The advantage it comes with is basically speed and accuracy in terms of location identification. Additionally, the correct information on the status of the patient is made available. As in, it makes handling a case be done with the weigh it deserves, which ideally gives all the concerned confidence.
Anticipated Plans
As it stands Corti does not provide recommendations for problems it detects but plans are underway for further adjustments and improvements. Soon, the intelligence will be introduced to the public in the US. But the big question will be whether the AI technology will be embraced by the affected as the researchers think it would.
For now, we can only wait but be sure of this, AI is taking the medicine industry by storm. Why do I say that? Soon, as it is expected, robot doctors (the way Corti is assisting) will be the ones one deciding whether an operation should be undertaken or not, and at the same time, they will be the ones to perform the actual procedures. The human doctors will be promoted to observers. 

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