How to Handle a Wife “2” in Her First Weeks of Pregnancy

Handling a wife when she's pregnant photo: Source: Pixabay

You must have heard that you need to know how to handle a wife during her first weeks after confirming the pregnancy –something that affects 50 - 90 percent of all women. But if not, thank goodness you are here because, with some women, that time can be hellish to the relationship. This is the time you hear stories like, “My wife sends me out at night to bring her some french-fries, She craves for eggs to extents of crying, she wanna eat cookies all day,” and so on… Hope it is now clear why you need to know how to handle a wife during her pregnancy, right? So let’s move on to the actual facts:

It’s Just For a Season

As a matter of facts and from many stories shared online, the biggest issues when the wife begins to show such behaviors like cravings, touchiness, stubbornness and overly emotional, is that the man may think she is being bossy and she might as well continue with that behavior henceforth. The simple approach should be, this would pass with time.

In most cases, at the elapse of let’s say 3-4 months in the pregnancy she should have regained her normal state of behaving. Ideally, the importance of mastering how to handle a wife at such a time is that in the long run, she will believe that you are more intelligent than her.

How to Handle a Wife When She is Stubborn

how to handle a wife
Simple ways to handle stubbon wife photo: Source: huffpost

The topic on how to handle a wife when she plays the stubborn character in an argument is not new to married folks. Yes, ask any man and they’ll tell you that handling her when she has made up her mind to keep a stand is like dipping your finger into hell. Well, however, there is nothing that doesn’t have a way out. One thing that should encourage you is that being your close partner, there are buttons you can press to normalize the situation. So check how to handle a wife when she proves stubborn without destroying the relationship.

1.     Look Beyond the Current Situation

Let’s be realistic here, the truth is, your wife has not always been stubborn, right? In other words, you have managed to handle her happiness without ado before.  Now, shift your focus to how she’s been good to you before –remember how she does all house chores, how she ensures everything goes right at home and so on... 


LianLian and UAE Exchange Boost Ripple XRP’s Value, is it Safe to Invest in it Now?

Investing with xrp coins to make a profit -Image credit: ethereumworldnews
While Ripple xrp appeared hopeless last week when its value fell below $0.90 from close to $4 during its all-time high -it’s clear that there are people who still trust the xrp. They think that this is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Lian Lian and UAE Exchange Joined Ripple will that Boost Ripple xrp’s Value?

Lian Lian pay, a company in China proved this when it joined Ripple’s network during the first week of February. And as if to stamp it all, UAE Exchange has also announced its interest to collaborate with ripple and thereafter it locked horns with San Francisco’s RippleNet.


Safaricom to Launch iPhone X 256GB

Safaricom launch iPhone X 256GB
Source: Desipeoria
Rumors have it that Safaricom is planning to launch iPhone X 256GB “but is Apple aware of that?” Just kidding. Well, for one the green giant as some people call it is known for surprises and this might be outright possible. Just the other day, the company announced that it is opening a new Safaricom shop in Nyahururu –a project that was least expected in the area. If it turns out accurate and Safaricom launches iPhone X 256GB before Apple does that officially in Kenya, that would mean that the company is taking a new direction- “inventing smartphones.”

Unconfirmed sources say that the iPhone X 256GB has all features native to iPhone device. As in, pick one the right hand and the other on the left and ask your son to tell difference, the kid has a 200% chance of missing the correct pick.

Safaricom or Airtel Bundles -Which is Cheaper?

Cheapest between safaricom and airtel data bundles
safaricom or airtel bundles: image credit

Safaricom announced its offer to slash the cost of data bundles by over 53 percent a month and a half ago. So as of now, you are possibly getting Easy30, and 50 at 3,500/= and  50GB at 6000/=. Well, on the same note, Airtel is not behind as it used to be anymore, and as of the time of this write-up, you’ll get 10GB for 1000/=  –with the amazing data bundles' plan. In other words, Safaricom and Airtel are rubbing shoulders for the benefit of the customers!  

Well, maybe a closer look will help us identify the company that offers the cheapest plan. Safaricom’s Easy30 is valid for 30 days, it's ‘tweeny,’ the Easy50 data plan extends validity to 45 days. Doing the math, airtel’s 10GB for Ksh. 1000 bundle plan seem cheaper because there is a difference of 500/= against the Easy 30 (which as mentioned above is Kenya shillings 3000 (that is 1000/= per 10GB, like Airtel). Hope you are not lost in the calculations -right?  


Buy Ripple XRP BUT -Be Careful Before You Invest in it

Image for buy ripple xrp: photo source: Assettype
Ripple or Bitcoin? Well, here is the undeniable fact, ripple xrp is among the most sought-after cryptocurrency since mid-2017, but well, we are not in any way endorsing it, as in I’m not in any way saying you buy the crypto blindly. Most folks say it’s the best cryptocurrency to buy or invest in because it has over 38,739,142,810+ coins floating around. But, that of cause is directly linked to who advises them, the cash they have to buy or invest in cryptos and so on.

Well… together with a few of my folks, we have been trying to do a research on which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in -and mostly focused on what it entails to buying ripple xrp. In cash, the total money we wanted to invest was $5000, which was to give us an average of 5000/2.5 = 2000 xrp’s after buying –going by the rate at which ripple xrp is currently trading at

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In, is it Ripple XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin?

Best cryptocurrency to invest in
Best cryptocurrency to invest in -image source: Eleven news

Knowing the best cryptocurrency that you can invest in might be the only thing keeping you from joining the millionaires’ club. Did I just mention being a millionaire? Yup! Well, think of it this way: during onset, a Bitcoin was worth less than $40, now it is worth around $10,000, per coin. Litecoin was less than $50, now it is worth around 200+. Ripple xrp is still low, from less than a dollar, now it stands at slightly above $2 a coin. Ethereum hinges at $695.45. So assume you had -let’s say just $4000 and were bold enough to invest with Bitcoin, which of cause was then the only best cryptocurrency in the market to invest in.

‘Best to invest in -: meaning, buying then selling the cryptocurrency for profit’

Now, let’s do some math, that would be 4000 x 40 which is = $160,000. To be clear, we are talking of investing in cryptocurrencies, right? So, in this case you would have scooped a profit of $156,000 –after subtracting $4000 from $160,000 when Bitcoin was $12,000. Good money –right. When it comes to capital, obviously you cannot lack a few bucks to set aside as investment -that I can bet. The biggest question always comes-in in form of: which exactly is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.  We are together up that point, right? Sure.

Another Close Example to Unravel The Best Cryptocurrency You Can Invest In

Well… let’s take it a bit deeper with a different coin. Ripple xrp. As at the time of this writing, ripple xrp stands at around $2.5 a coin. Now, assume you have some good money that is lying idle at the bank –let’s say some $10,000. Could be you’ve withdrawn your pension, or some sort of savings that you might have been doing for some time. Most likely, you have thought how you can invest some or all of it in cryptocurrency (because this is the current talk on the internet.) 


Which Exactly is The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In?

best cryptocurrency to invest in
Via: wonderfulengineering
Best cryptocurrency to invest in; have you thought about that? Or, if someone tosses to you such a phrase in form of a question, how do you answer it? ...One Bitcoin is currently trading at $11,178, an Ethereum hinges at $11,163 ...or well, maybe you might decide to place your bet on a cheaper option like Ripple or Steller which both hinge below $2.5. Well, before settling on or buying any of them, a few factors to match and compare can help you predict the choicest digital money to go for . So brace your as we do a quick analysis of the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Just to lay facts right, it is highly important to note that all digital currencies are volatile. That simply means the way a coin ranks today is not a guaranteed that it will fly-on the same way come tomorrow. For instance, two weeks ago, fears splashed all over after the prices of all cryptos came tumbling down. In fact, following the scenario, even the top experts couldn’t exactly tell what the best cryptocurrency to invest in would have been at the time. A Bitcoin dropped to sell for around $15,000 from the initial $19,000 -Litecoin had hit a rock bottom of $147. Ripple xrp valued at below $2 while steller and the rest were straggling to maintain the title of just being called digital currencies in the first place.


Is Ripple XRP The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in?

best cryptocurrency to invest in
best cryptocurrency via: profitconfidential
Ripple xrp value or price currently stands at $1.1361, and for upcoming investors, the question remains whether ripple is the best cryptocurrency to invest in. Well, maybe digging into the details of this crypto will help us establish whether it is worth throwing some dollars in it -for some possible cool profit in the near future. To begin, ripple xrp is an altcoin. It is considered as an alternative in case someone in not impressed by the price of the heavyweight coins –Bitcoin, Ethereum and the rest. Personally, I have been thinking about investing a few dollars into ripple xrp but the question keeps coming in -is it the best cryptocurrency for an upcoming millionaire like me or you?

Let’s Look Into Some Figures Relating to Ripple as a Possible Best Cryptocurrency

But before that, wants to make it clear that there is a great difference between ripple and ripple xrp. Ripple is the supervising firm that ensures the coin’s transactions remain legal and on time, while ripple xrp is the digital asset or the actual cryptocurrency people invest in. Now, to the numbers: it is said there are 38,739,142,811 ripple coins in circulations, which in total translates to a market capitalization of $113.89 billion. Well to me, the figures are impressive and they basically show that the crypto asset is kinder stable -or it has a voice in the market

As in, logically, you’ll want to deal with a virtual currency that makes some sense in the market even if it is not that highly valued. While the worth of ripple xrp is also not best or eye-catching as it would be for Bitcoin -which currently hinges at around $13,000 -it is also evident that ripple xrp may enjoy the benefit of minimal gaps when it comes to fluctuation gaps compared to all other cryptocurrencies.


Amazon Go Uses ai –and It’s the First No-Checkout Convenience Store [updated]

Amazon Go
Amazon go launched now: via image png
Updated to define how exactly Amazon go uses ai technology and not really software or programming as some people thought during the testing of the Amazon go concept. It's a, no attendant glossary shop!

Amazon Go uses ai, and it comes in at the time when artificial technology seems to make almost anything possible. And by the look of things, this no-checkout convenience store might boost amazon’s earning to newer levels. CNBC reported that by October 2017 the giant retailer enjoyed a revenue earning increase of $43.7 billion -compared to $42.14 billion the previous year. North American sales clocked to $25.4 billion while international sales were 13.7 billion. With the new Amazon Go, using ai technology, these numbers are expected to hike farther.

Ever heard of automation? Now, this is the exact application of it. As in, Amazon Go ai use, is an automated grocery shop where you walk in, pick stuff and walk away -no cashier or representative to serve you.  If you can recall sometimes back, around November or December to be precise, concerns about AI (artificial intelligence) taking away over 40% of human jobs took the better part of the internet news.

Americans especially come out in social media and on national TVs to express their concerns but on the contrary, Germans and Chinese seemed okay with robots as an alternative workforce. With China even setting aside a budget of $2 billion to set up an AI pack. Well, let’s leave that for now, back to the No-Checkout Convenience Store, Amazon go use ai.


Litecoin Price Peaks Above $200 Again After a Difficult Week

Litecoin price peaks
                                                       Via: coincentral

Litecoin price peaks with $58.0 plus profit range  after a weak that seemed to shake the faith of anyone who possessed a few coins under their names. Well, to strike the balance and be fair, last week’s cryptocurrency instability affected nearly all popular and non-popular digital currencies -Bitcoin and Ethereum included. Sources say that the shakeup was somewhat related to fraud and this has led some folks to dig into the matter through a court case. The court case aside, as now seen: Litecoin price peaks above $200, which means that things are slowly normalizing back again. 

Well, in case you are used to only monitoring the big Cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum, be aware that maybe, you should start eye the movement of these other small digital currencies because they may soon matter. As in, today's headline which goes “Litecoin price peaks” is being received by upcoming investors with shouts, and that could be a sign that the crypto is growing and will soon worth a fortune. As of the time of writing, Litecoin price stands at $205.71 –from $147.44 in less than 2 days.

Litecoin Price Peaks at $200 Plus, What Does it Mean?

From a keen look, this is an increase in value of nearly $60 within 24 hours. Going by that rate we can safely say that this cryptocurrency is not a bad pick for those who want to invest in the “technology.” But worth mentioning is that investing with digital currency is relatively a risky affair as of now because you can't tell how things would be tomorrow.


AI, Corti is Helping Danish Emergency Dispatchers Detect Heart Attacks

Emergency AI dispatchers
                                                          Via: futurecdn

AI is helping the Health Care System to climb to higher heights with Corti’s support on Emergency Communication. Well, if you are you are wondering who Corti is, - this an artificially Intelligent system, or call it a machine if you like. Basically, when AI is mentioned, it means a machine has been trained to operate relatively the same or close to how a real human would do.

In this case, the AI system is designed to detect and interpret signals as blur as they could be, and take-up vibrations emanating from emergency calls. It does that to offer advice to the emergency dispatchers on necessary actions. Corti is also able to think on its own and transfer the information to the dispatchers on the relative physical address of a caller (or the victim).

Here is a Real Life Scenario Where Corti the AI System Intervened

Artificial Intelligence: Computers to Speak American English Accents (Says Monty Barlow) and Amazon’s Alexa Needs to Here this

computers powered by artificial intelligence to speaks american accents
                                                   Via: code.oursky
Scientists and members of the public alike are enthralled by the topic of AI (artificial intelligence). It’s as if everybody wants to hear what AI is up to or close to achieve next. During the CES (where roughly over 200,000 + tech enthusiasts attended,) people were drawn more to the AI projects and it like each researcher had a stunning idea. Among others, the exhibition and one that really seemed to be interactive and close to our daily application was the concept of teaching a computer to speak precise American English accents. Well…I think, Alexa, Amazon’s (artificial intelligence) assistant needs to hear this and give her opinion.   

Would that be Possible?

Well, the question is not really about whether a computer can speak native lingo: to surprise you, already one computer has been trained to successfully figure out various original American accents and that is artificial intelligence at work. Monty Barlow, a Cambridge Consultant researcher got special attention for this invention, where he claims to teach the machine.


BMW Acquires Parkmobile Parking App to Help Tackle City Traffic

                                                             Via: mediapool.bmwgroup

BMW is one of the top car manufacturers that you can hardly see a fleet of ten vehicles without spotting one of its models in the “group.” The company is a great investor and now it has acquired the Parkmobile to add to its worth. This is a smartphone app that offers guidance to drivers looking to park their cars in North American and its environs.

Ever since, packing has been a serious problem in almost all the cities of the world because people are becoming richer, adding cars into their portfolio, but the parking lot space remains the same for lack of space to expand. Therefore, whatever solution that attempts to tackle this issue is definitely a refuge for most people. That’s how the Parkmobile became a business and its demand is always rising up.

Apple Displaying Subscription Apps W/Free Trials in New App Store Section


Ever thought that you can get a free deal from Apple? Well, that’s the only way to get people or customers that matter to try something they’ve not tried before and Apple is following the trend. The gadget giant recently started highlighting some popular subscriptions with free trials. Can we say it’s a quest to showcase the new content in the App Store? Well, that will still be very correct but ideally, you don’t really expect a give without a take back with such a big company.

The Why and Where Question?

For the why query, it is a way of advertising. And if you’ve not yet seen the apps, could be you’ve not been keen the new section located right under the “Apps” -where? In the App Store, check out for a “Try it For Free” title and there you are. Should we say that now even big companies have known to give back to the society? Well… it depends on one's angle of interest. But for now, let’s enjoy the free apps.


SpaceX Dragon Capsule Returns To Earth After Space Station Delivery {New update}

Return of SpaceX Dragon Capsule from Space Station. photo credit NASA TV.

Space missions seem to bring a lot of hope to scientists as they plan to explore deeper after the Space X Dragon Capsule returns. That’s if they actually manage to understand everything the space world into details. You may ask what?  But if in case you are not aware, plans are underway to migrate to Mars and this is seen in a new research that aims to empower robots to build human habitats up there, a space city is also in mind and already over 2000 people have signed to secure their space up there, and so on. Well, let us come to the current news, “SpaceX Dragon Capsule returns safe and sound from Space Station.

Well, in case you need to get facts right from the go, SpaceX is one of Elon Musk companies that deal with space travels and explorations. The Dragon Capsule is one of the company’s spacecraft thought be of excellent technological capabilities from its features, and more so what it can accomplish in space travels. 


Amazon's Alexa Will Have Her Own Opinions on TV Shows, Wines and More (Updated)

amazon's Alexa speakers
                                                            Image via: nyoobserver 

Amazon Alexa’s new capabilities to think on herself will remain with customers even after the dust of CES 2018 settles. Well… if you may not yet know who Alexa is, she is an AI built into Amazon devices like Fire TV and Echo Smart speaker. Amazon is not the only one with such technology, there is the Google Assistant just to mention one among many. However, Alexa is taking its assistant services to a whole new level as the makers have trained the system to invent its own thoughts other than relying on programming. 

Basically, the assistant uses facts to offer a recommendation to customers but sooner than later the Amazon device will serve the clients based on what she thinks is best. This will come into play basically in the entertainment scenarios, next to your sit in the living room. Alexa will start to interact with customers to offer not only info or update on what is popular on TV but also what she feels would be more interesting for your watch based on many factors. 

What facts?


Facebook ‘M’ AI Assistant dies on 19th January {Updated}

Faceboo M AI
                                                    image via: LinkedIn- Alok Singh

While innovators are busy trying to bring their AI projects to life, but facebook is planning to assassinate its Facebook ‘M’ AI. What is that? M AI is an artificially-intelligent (system) that was originally designed to use human operatives to gauge its operatives and ensure that they were not only factual but also on point. Well, it's like this project was kind of a miscalculation because even when you look at its founding concept, something seems a miss and now the Facebook M AI will have to die!
However, the team working with Mark Zuckerberg has come out to say that it going to shut down the platform in the next two weeks which falls to the 19th of this month. The news strikes after 2.5 years of operation, which Facebook told the verge that the project was not meant to be something significant as it was just an experimental project.

I didn’t see the Facebook M AI assistant...?

Well, this project was not for public participation, only a handful of folks in San Francisco were meant to take part in the test. While we can take it that way, for now, it is possible that the project could not have been impactful even it was to be accessible to the whole public. According to Facebook, the idea behind inventing the project was that the system would learn to answer various questions through messenger.


LG’s New ThinQ Smart Fridge Runs webOS and has a Transparent 29-inch touchscreen

                                             Via: The Verge

Can we say that LG will exist forever because when you think it’s an old brand, they strike with a totally new invention, in fact, mind-blowing ones? Well to be fair, Samsung splashed the headlines with its touchscreen fridge sometimes back; while LG shone with refrigerators that turned transparent to have you see the inside without opening the doors. Now, LG, at the 2018 CES has merged the two concepts in its new InstaView ThingQ smart fridge

It is interesting how technology is trying to make life on earth super easy. In the sleeping mode, the new fridge is opaque but when you want to look what is inside you just need to knock the door twice and it will turn transparent, see? You’ll not need to use much effort, and in addition to that, you’ll also not have changed the temperatures by opening the door. 

The First Attempt


Artificial Intelligence in Industries, Where are We? [Updated]

                                                                 Image Via: iqvis
Artificial intelligence is the most interesting word over the internet now -in almost all industries, which simply stands for AI. From news websites to big businesses like Google and IBM, it’s like everyone is focusing on this field, since 2016. However, 2017 become the year where more researchers and universities saw the potential of AI in solving society’s problems, and so all industries have collectively banked their research in machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Just the other day, China budgeted for a 2.8 billion dollars Artificial Intelligence Park to be built on the northwest of Beijing -that is after more than 10 companies received massive funding to establish their AI-researches and application between 2016 and 2017. In fact, it’s anticipated that the AI-industry will be worth almost $50 billion by 2021. 

But What Exactly is AI (Artificial Intelligence, from different industries point of view)? 


LG Presents the World’s First 88-inch 8K Oled Display

Image via: techhive

Just as people wait to finally replace their screens with the 4K and HDR, the engineers at LG Display have come forth with another higher invention. The new 8K, 88-inch OLED display -also the largest and highest pixel screen so far; can we call it the “888” OLED technology? I think the name would still fit so nicely.

Will the customers have a feel of the first largest 88-in, 8K OLED Display anytime soon?

That’s a yes! In the coming CES, the manufacturer based in Korea will be allowing attendees to interact (come closer, touch) and even get a smart talk of how they managed to make the new 88-inch 8K OLED screen come to a reality. Possible keywords that will feel the air during the CES may include, amazing, wow display, in the world, showing the clearest images and so forth -dimensions will also be defined.