LAPD arrests 25-year Suspect in Wichita “swatting” case

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On Thursday the 28th Wichita police responded to a crime alert which led them to kill Andrew Finch. The victim himself was the one who initiated the call claiming that a stranger at his address was holding some people hostage and possibly already shot one person. What was unknown is that the call was a hoax, often referred to as “swatting.”
It’s some form of acting relating to a call of duty match, but one player gave a fake address to their partner who apparently called the police. According to NBC News, police in Los Angeles have detained 25-year Tyler Barris, who is said to have made the call provoking the incident.
It’s anticipated that Barriss could be the SWAutistic, who published a tweet about making some call and later took part in an interview with DramaAlert show as seen on YouTube. “That’s ideally stupid though but since the culprit is 25 years old we can expect such a behavior, maybe they did for fame but now things have gone sour. 
Engadget confirms that LAPD spokesperson confirmed this news to their management and that no bail has been set to replace Barriss’s apprehension. The spokesperson also said that Wichita police is working on the case, linking the victim to another bomb threat that an MLG Call of Duty event that was to be hosted in Dallas. 
Other versions of this story appear on NBC News and Engadget.    

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