How to Send Money Via Messages using Apple Pay Cash

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Cash transfer is continually being made easier, safer and fun by technology. For your information -in case you are not yet aware, Apple Pay Cash is now active for American users. Meaning you can pay and get paid through a message. 

Initially, Apple made an awesome deal from its Venmon-like payment service -availed by their iOS 11, which rolled out before this feature. Experts call this current development, upping the game. 
Being a respected entity, off cause we expect maximum security from this current provision by Apple, maybe that’s why there was some delay in availing this feature that now allows users to transact via simple messaging. 
To be precise,
this means you can use your iPhone to send and receive cash from relatives, friends or even business partners right within Messages. Sounds great, right? Continue reading to know how you can be a partaker of this “technology magic!” 
Transfers go into your Pay Cash card, meaning you’ll not need additional apps like is often the case when someone needs to transact from the phone, nevertheless, there are hurdles to overcome with regard to how far you’ve embraced the tech world:
Your gadget needs to meet a certain threshold in functionality to accommodate Apple Cash card integration. The feature requires iPhone 6 or later, iOS 11.2 (and should be compatible with iPhone SE), iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 or above, and Apple Watch. 
Another important thing to note is that users must be above 18 years of age, and the two-factor authentication must be turned on to confirm this. 
Ready to go? Here is how to set up, and send money via Apple Messages:
  1. Click the menu box, and open the Wallet app. 
  2. There comes the Apple Pay Cash card, click on it.
  3.  A screen with instructions about how to set the feature will surface, here, you’ll need to enable Apple Pay -at the Settings window, you can confirm or revise your detail to ensure they are correct. 
  4. Wait for the activation process to run, (which ideally should take a few seconds to complete.)
  5. After it’s done, you should see the Apple Pay card, which you’ll henceforth use to make your transfers -in the Wallet.
How to send or request for funds in Messages:
  1. Go to your Message app and open any conversation you’d like to try out, and this should be a single contact tread -because groups conversations are not yet supported.
  2. On the iMessage text field, look left, you’ll see the Message App Store icon, then select Apple Pay.
  3. Key in the amount, you’d want to pay or request; and ensure to preview your message before releasing it.
  4. Once satisfied, tap the send arrow and you are done.
A Little talk
It’s important to note that there are boundaries to how much one can transact with Pay Cash as that would help you play within the limits. 
Adding Cash:
$10 is the allowed amount per upload transaction, with the maximum being $3,000, after seven days, your maximum load could expand to $10, 000. 
Sending and receiving money:
You can send as low as $1 or as high as $ 3,000 with $10,000 being the overall maximum amount within the course of seven days. 
Speculations are that, iPhone fans may ditch paper currency in favor of this provision -especially at such a time when the holidays are around the corner. Well, off cause that will depend on whether it’ll become widely available and whether the word will reach more people.

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