How to Automatically Save ALL your Instagram Stories forever

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save all instagram stories automatically: image via: Google

If you are a perennial Instagram user (like most of us,) you know that -previously, it was not possible to retrieve those interesting stores after 24 hours -because they used to expire, then vanish for good. That meant that no matter how attached you were to your particular story, you’d never see it again. Sad, right? The only option was saving the story in the phone which is quite cumbersome, but now, the archiving of stories is kinder automatic.

Instagram has developed a new feature, which enables you to save all your dear stories in a convenient place. This has come to liberate users from the pain of losing the right of being able to see their beloved posts -using the highlights feature you can easily trace them back. 

Stories Achieve

Following an update which was announced on Tuesday, the newly introduced stories archive feature will automatically save your stories. This means as much you have the updated app you’ll not need to do anything as your stores will be saved -after expiry.  

Off cause, the function needs to be on -so, go to the archive button found on your profile (something like a clock to be precise). You’ll see Post Archive, there -the Stories Archive links to it. Meaning, you can always switch between the two when that nostalgic feeling haunts you.

Accessing the Archive is nothing of a hustle, all you’ll need to do is simply tap on the archived story and observe it. Wanna share it with someone you love, there comes the Share option. You can as well resurrect your old stories through the #Thowback Wednesday kind of tactic and share it as a current post, not mentioning that you can Highlight them. 

The annoying side

Well, is there anything perfect on earth? We are yet to see, right -likewise, even with this update, your newest stories appear down at the bottom of the grid, while logically they ought to be on the top side. This means you’ll need to scroll a bit to view the latest posts. Nonetheless, the time stamp may help you know where to get what’s newer -fast. 

Any worries?
Well, it’s easy to get concerned about those embarrassing stories you’d wish to never disclose. Don’t fret, no one is able to peep into your archive, only your eyes! In addition, if you don’t want to see them, simply turn the archiving feature off. How? Go to your profile settings > auto-archiving and toggle the button to read off. 

Managing your Highlights 

Highlights are simply those stories you’d like to show off on your profile page. Things that interest you or explain your likes and dislikes. 

To get started, go to New circle located on the upper left corner of the profile page. Don’t find it? Should be under your IG handle, below your name. Now, click on the specific archived Stories you want to highlight from the archive, and create a smart reel of sorts. The picked stores will be identified by the blue checkmark -but you can uncheck them to their normal state. 

For all your selected stories, click Next and brand them with a cover photo, name your new highlight with an interesting tag -basing it on your mood, place, occasion or whatever, and then tap Add. The highlight will appear below your bio. It’s important to note that you can add as many highlights as you’d like -no limits. 

If need be, you can also edit or delete highlights. Simply click on the options and confirm your choice. You can also remove the particular image you don’t like, in your archived stores, from the highlights, simple select remove after you’ve clicked the Menu. 

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