Apple’s $29 iPhone Battery Swap is Finally Available!

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For the past two-plus weeks, lawsuits after lawsuits were being filed to sue Apple for slowing old iPhones as the battery got aged. It was serious, and users were really furious on social networks. Apple had to rethink its strategy and earlier this week, it gave an apology to the public for that action.

The apology was highly welcomed because it came with an awesome deal of battery replacement. That is, instead of paying $79 persons wanting to swap their iPhone battery will part with only $29- and would have a brand new power source for their phone. This reduced the public outcry and possibly may the lawsuits that were filed may lose that weight that could otherwise hurt Apple.
The Update on the $29 batteries
Well, according to their letter to the public the batteries were to be availed in late January, however, an updated to the apology post now says that they are available to the public. The company had communicated initially that they needed more time, possible maybe until the end of January 2018, to manufacture the batteries as there were logistics to be put into the account.
“Fortunately we have managed to deliver the products before how it was anticipated. We would also like to notify our clients that the batteries will be limited for now, but more will be availed within the earlier set period and will be reported on” an Apple employee stated to The Verge.
The company came out clean admitting to the public that actually, the slowing down of the iPhone models was intentional, and was intended to compensate for aging batteries. This resulted after a developer noted that the operating systems performed way below the capacity and that was linked to the battery’s age. 
The Fate of the Lawsuits 
What is not clear now is whether the folks that forwarded the lawsuit will have something solid to continue with their claim. Well, maybe they can still push their case forward because, for one, Apple knew what it was doing but continued with the action without notifying the users. 
That may be taken as a violation of the consumer rights -Ideally, it will be argued that once the user has bought the product, the manufacturer should not in any way manipulate or alter the functionality of the gadget. 
In addition to that, the new batteries may also be taken as a mere cover-up to try to prick the lawsuits from being watertight. This is because when you view this whole slowing down thing saga in the reality it has left is, the phone will still run slow after the $29 battery begins to age. 
A Better Resolution Would have been: 
The best and acceptable (to all) solution would have been simply restoring the phone to its original functionality – but then alert the public that once they see their aged iPhones malfunction in a certain way, they should know that the issue is the battery. In fact, the company could not have gone into these expenses of having to subsidize for the new batteries. 
But maybe, there is a better catch, that the Apple directors are seeing that we don’t see. What do you think?

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