KUKA Arm Robot is the Newest DJ at a Prague Nightclub


2017 was the year when Robots and AI got their fairest share of publicity, it’s like researchers and innovators directed all their efforts to empower machine learning. From the medical field to journalism, eye-catching stories revolved around how AI and robots will improve the lives of humanity in terms of efficiency, accuracy in performing surgical operations and so on. Now, as reported by Reuters: a club in Prague by the name Karlovy Lazne is employing a KUKA arm robot as their newest DJ.

See, the world of DJ’s is really demanding -how they need to get on the entailment knob throughout the night and endure the fatigue – perhaps the new “partner” (the KUKA Arm Robot DJ at a Prague Nightclub will relief them. Now, in operation for the past 2 weeks, the robot uses a software to select songs, and pick CDs from a rack, then inserts them into CDJs, then hit the play button.


Apple’s $29 iPhone Battery Swap is Finally Available!

                                                                   Image via: jewishwebsite
For the past two-plus weeks, lawsuits after lawsuits were being filed to sue Apple for slowing old iPhones as the battery got aged. It was serious, and users were really furious on social networks. Apple had to rethink its strategy and earlier this week, it gave an apology to the public for that action.

The apology was highly welcomed because it came with an awesome deal of battery replacement. That is, instead of paying $79 persons wanting to swap their iPhone battery will part with only $29- and would have a brand new power source for their phone. This reduced the public outcry and possibly may the lawsuits that were filed may lose that weight that could otherwise hurt Apple.

The Update on the $29 batteries

Well, according to their letter to the public the batteries were to be availed in late January, however, an updated to the apology post now says that they are available to the public. The company had communicated initially that they needed more time, possible maybe until the end of January 2018, to manufacture the batteries as there were logistics to be put into the account.
“Fortunately we have managed to deliver the products before how it was anticipated. We would also like to notify our clients that the batteries will be limited for now, but more will be availed within the earlier set period and will be reported on” an Apple employee stated to The Verge.

Birkenstock vs. Amazon Feud Extends to search Typos


Even before the tussle between Amazon and Google is resolved, the retailer (Amazon) has found itself on another fire exchange with Birkenstock. The wrangle dates way back in 2016 where Birkenstock opted to stop doing business with Amazon, with the company citing the reason as something to do with counterfeit goods placed on Amazon’s site in its name.

LAPD arrests 25-year Suspect in Wichita “swatting” case

On Thursday the 28th Wichita police responded to a crime alert which led them to kill Andrew Finch. The victim himself was the one who initiated the call claiming that a stranger at his address was holding some people hostage and possibly already shot one person. What was unknown is that the call was a hoax, often referred to as “swatting.”

It’s some form of acting relating to a call of duty match, but one player gave a fake address to their partner who apparently called the police. According to NBC News, police in Los Angeles have detained 25-year Tyler Barris, who is said to have made the call provoking the incident.


Let’s Remember The Ferrari 333SP (Has the "Biggest" Engine)

Ferrari 333sp Via: Timedot
When the Ferrari is mentioned, we think of the booming Formula One. Well, others may think something different – maybe Ferrari racecars like possibly the Ferrari 250 and its ilk. Wait, that’s not all –there is the Ferrari FXX K but you know what, it’s not about either of those – we are talking of the Ferrari 333SP!


How to Automatically Save ALL your Instagram Stories forever

save all instagram stories automatically: image via: Google

If you are a perennial Instagram user (like most of us,) you know that -previously, it was not possible to retrieve those interesting stores after 24 hours -because they used to expire, then vanish for good. That meant that no matter how attached you were to your particular story, you’d never see it again. Sad, right? The only option was saving the story in the phone which is quite cumbersome, but now, the archiving of stories is kinder automatic.


How to Send Money Via Messages using Apple Pay Cash

 send money via apple pay message: image via:imore

Cash transfer is continually being made easier, safer and fun by technology. For your information -in case you are not yet aware, Apple Pay Cash is now active for American users. Meaning you can pay and get paid through a message. 

Initially, Apple made an awesome deal from its Venmon-like payment service -availed by their iOS 11, which rolled out before this feature. Experts call this current development, upping the game. 
Being a respected entity, off cause we expect maximum security from this current provision by Apple, maybe that’s why there was some delay in availing this feature that now allows users to transact via simple messaging. 

To be precise,