My Husband is Stressed and Takes it Out on Me: Why?

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Researchers now say that the frequency of words like “very,” “incredibly,” and “really” in speech can help in measuring stress levels. That is, the rate in frequency at which an individual uses these adverbs reveal a lot about his or her emotional health.
That means, with this knowledge, individuals may not need to take medical diagnosis to establish whether they are stressed or not –which in essence will help them know when it’s time to take an off day, rest more or even take a vacation from work.  
The study involved 143 participants and as a result, 22,000 voice records were transcribed to establish the count of these adverbs in relation to each individual, their state of mind with regard to their stress level records.
The findings explains that frequent appearance of words like really, incredibly and other close associate adverbs that tend to deflect, magnify or distort matters in one’s speech is a clear indication of exhaustion, and stress.
If you find yourself using these strong action words more often compared to other times or days, it simply means you need to take a break -that is concrete evidence that you are stressed out. It is also a warning that you are straining beyond capacity, which in general might affect your entire wellbeing. A stressed brain, works below par, does serious mistakes and may end up breeding financial losses. 
According to the publication, dated November 2017 -PNAS (Proceedings National Academy of Science) highlights that, inability to focus, sleeplessness, and bad mood are not the only warnings of stress -there is also the choice of words that a person uses in their speech, this as well can indicate stress levels. 
The team of American researchers pointed out that speech patterns reveal a lot about the state of a person, whether they are anxious, feeling depressed or low in mood. 
The application of these words and their likes means you are indirectly asking for assistance by trying to inflate a story, a situation or task. “Well, the words may not really seem to have a direct meaning -in your current set up, but they undoubtedly clarify what is going in your subconscious. 
Shedding more light on the same topic, a renowned psychologist working at the Arizona University -Matthias Mehl, said, “the words as pronounced (whether in high or low tone) may not demonstration what is going on, but are in actuality, a response from within -meaning you need to rest. 
In summary, language -in measuring stress is a better gauge, than self-assessment, as the response is automatic -as in, it cannot be consciously controlled. The good thing is anybody can put these findings into practical test in their daily lives without requiring any formal orientations. 
Therefore, next time you catch yourself chewing more of “incredibly, really and very -and taking maters with a weight they don’t really deserve, simply know that you are “mentally unfit” and ought to take a break, or rest more. 

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