Telsa’s Electric Roadster for 2022 was Mind-blowing

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Tesla roadster for 2022 Via: automobilemag

Elon Musk’s Electric car manufacturing company unleashed the long-awaited semi-track. Being electrically charged, this would be a great plus to whoever may own it in future. That is -the fuel costs that often hike due to crude oil scarcity and other aspects surrounding the gas market are expected to no longer be a concern to electric car owners.

Is this the future…?

Everyone was in for amazement during the launch once the freezer-sized battery pack, the long researched and re-purposed electric motor and several key features were explained. It sounded exactly like the future, while at the same time offering the onlookers a ton of fun.

The surprise

That was not all, there was another surprise that seemed to overtake the ten-wheeler’s popularity -despite the fact that the show was originally meant for it. The Roadster – a “crazy” “speed-monger.” Musk calls it, “The fastest car on earth and in space, but is he really right bearing the fact that we are yet to see what aliens can produce?

To begin full operations in 2020, the new Telsa Roadster is expected to have amazing exhilaration power, 0 – 60 sprint speed change in 1.9 seconds which continues through a quarter mile in a max of eight seconds. Could this be the end of the Dodge Demon -which has for quite a while retaining the title as king of the acceleration? We’ll have to wait and see.

Roadsters’ charging system

With the battery pack located right down the body, at an easy to access point, recharging is expected to be completely stress-free. Drivers will also enjoy it as driving is aided by an all-wheel-drive setup capable of seeing all the three motors.

Much like the previously known roadster, comfort during transit is key. Musk says this machine will sit four — two comfortably in the front and another two in the back.

Unfortunately, but very realistic, all that performance will come at a special price, which most folks won’t be able to raise. The new Telsa Roadster will go for $250, 000 -which automatically takes the position of Telsa’s most expensive car.

Ordering for the car

For those willing to pre-order now, the least you can deposit is $50, 000, however, be prepared to wait until 2020 because that’s when you’ll be able to get your car. That’s a 3 years waiting period, which in the real sense is not all that much, you can clearing your balance and that will make acquiring this new technology very painless on your side.

Is it Self Driving?

In the current days, you hardly read about Telsa without spotting the word driverless or autonomous somewhere. Therefore, to clear the airways, the new Tesla Roadster is not self-driving, BUT, and very important to note is, the car is autonomously enabled.

Meaning all the necessary hardware that should support the autonomous technology is in place, and the functions will open in bits as the software upgrades to enable various undertaking. This was set to help resolve the current raising problem of driver shortage.

However, to make it clear, the issue of driver-decline is more prevalent with trucks where a report, in 2012, said that the current generation is kind of avoiding heavy trucking. Nonetheless, there need to have driverless cars is still in demand seeing how human errors like ignorance and drunken driving has killed road users.

Looking forward it is expected that after 10 years of driver-less car production and underground tunnel roads implementation, the product will be available even for the middle-class customer who might find the current price too high or intimidation.

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