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The eye is not just any other body organ; it’s a rather complicated unit only treated at specialized eye clinics with doctors that have mastered how it functions, as well as the fragility involved during treatment. 
Eye problems continue to be alarming and a timely combating of any eyesight issues is highly recommended by physicians.  A simple analysis of your medical history may sometimes assist to correct or treat the condition, but in other cases, it may take myriads of tests under the gracious eye clinic maple grove specialists to solve the issue.
Your Medical History
During the examination, you’ll be asked questions like, how and when the problem begun, and whether there are other people in your family line battling with the same condition. Your doctor must keep all these in record to ensure proper diagnosis. This may be followed by measuringyour visual acuity,  which will establish whether contact lenses or glasses is all that’s required to correct and improve your vision.
Numbing Drops In Your Eyes
When measuring eye pressure, your doctor will administer several numbing drops into your eyes to ease the process. Additionally, dilating the eyes with drops may also be necessary when evaluating the inside and the frontal health status of the eyes, using light.  
Other Vital Tests
Besides visual acuity test, and Refraction assessment, which involves the bending of light waves to check for “refractive error,” other eye examinations that may follow include:
  • Eye muscle test
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  • Slit-lamp examination
  • Retinal examination
  • Color vision testing, and,
  • Screening for glaucoma
Finally You’ll Get To Know The Results
The results of the findings will be communicated and advice on if you’ll require contact lenses, eyewear or a frame replacement for your glasses will be given. 
Vision insurance plan is another very important area that you may need to check with your eye clinic maple grove expert, to know what will work best for you, in case things go wrong in the days to come.

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