What is Making Uber Transition to Driver-less Volvo-Made Cars?

Uber's transition to driverless cars -credit via: Uber
It’s evident that Uber’s efforts to retain the position of being the top ride-hailing company in the world remains unchallenged. Even so -to fasten their grip on the market farther, Uber is planning to purchase over 24,000 sport utility cars from Volvo to foam a new fleet of autonomous vehicles. Well, this is not the first time the company is reporting service upgrade -they are ever evolving.


Telsa's Electric Roadster for 2022 was Mind-blowing

Tesla roadster for 2022 Via: automobilemag
Elon Musk's Electric car manufacturing company unleashed the long-awaited semi-track. Being electrically charged, this would be a great plus to whoever may own it in future. That is -the fuel costs that often hike due to crude oil scarcity and other aspects surrounding the gas market are expected to no longer be a concern to electric car owners.

Is this the future...?

“Very, Really and incredibly” are signs of High Stress Levels -study says

stress levels vs. really, incredibly, and very : via 

Researchers now say that the frequency of words like “very,” “incredibly,” and “really” in speech can help in measuring stress levels. That is, the rate in frequency at which an individual uses these adverbs reveal a lot about his or her emotional health.



Flying Robots deployed to print a 3D Stainless Steel Bridge via Mashable tweater hurdle
With 3D printing being a process of creating three dimensional solid objects specifically from a digital file, the latest mission of its application, which is 3D printing robotics on a stainless bridge -where flying robots are at work has catch many tech aficionados with amazement. In fact, although arguably -this is one of the miracles that technology has brought forth –so far.



The eye is not just any other body organ; it’s a rather complicated unit only treated at specialized eye clinics with doctors that have mastered how it functions, as well as the fragility involved during treatment. 


“Autonomous crash” in Las Vegas Proves Self-Driving Cars are better

                           self-driving car crash within one hour of testing -via Google cars.

A Self-Driving shuttle service expected to celebrate its launch in Las Vegas sooner than later has had to endure a crush in its very first public test. Surprisingly, it was human's fault, as reported, by a local Nevada broadcast outlet, KSNV News 3.

The shuttle manufactured by a French firm Navya but owned and run by another French Private Transportation firm, Keolis, left for it planned 0.6-mile loop around downtown Las Vegas, but before the elapse of one hour, the “autonomous crash,” as many call it, happened. The car was rewarding free rides to willing residents between the points of travel.

After a one hour operation, trying to strict to a two weeks pilot test program, which was created in January and spread to different months, the shuttle was hit on the front part by a large delivery truck that seemed to be pulling out from a loading bay headed towards a street.


The Boring Company Resolves Traffic in LAX by Underground Tunnels

The boring company under Los Angeles
Credit: Elon Musk’s Instangram photo reveals progress of The Boring Company LAX project

The Boring Company through its founder Elon Musk has published a photo showing a 152 meters tunnel, right under the city of Los Angeles. The image that was uploaded on his Instagram account this Saturday reveals one among other numerous tunnel projects underway beneath the city and beyond.

The billionaire says his traffic-busting tunnel will be 17 miles long within a year or so - that is starting from the opening point in LAX. 

While the Boring Company and Musk are anticipating for a huge network of underground tunnel roads, all their resources and focus is currently under Los Angeles. However, Elon puts it clear that he’s going further to establish the network even beyond borders, as long as an area is earthquake free.