I Found Millions in a Sack, Whose Money is it?

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On my way to home one evening I spotted a motorbike with three gents at a far. They seem to be loading sacks on the bike. With my smart mind, I could tell they were in a rush. It is like the luggage was something valuable and they were against time. 

Well, I thought, “What the hell is that?” One among three guys flung his eyes all around to ensure nobody is coming their way – and looking keenly, I noticed a short gun riffle in the man’s hand.
Something told me to hide behind the tree close to where I stood. The place gave a good view and my mind started contemplating, “could that be stolen money these guys are transporting or some costly jewelry?” 
…Well, “waiting for the radio to perhaps announce that there was a bank robbery somewhere was the only option for me to know.” I told myself. 
After like ten solid minutes because I checked on my watch, the motorbike cranked, and vuum, vuum! It was ready to go. It’s like one sack couldn’t fit on the bike so they hid it somewhere in the grass.
The three guys squeezed as much as they can with one sitting right on top of the two sacks. The motorbike was loaded to the brim, and you could see the driver struggling trying to balance as it traversed the terrain. 
The curiosity in me arose so high that I matched to go find out what the mysterious sack was all about. And alas! It was full of money. Even with being a mathematical failure, you could tell the money amounted to a million plus US dollars. Of cause that’s on the lower side, as it is a “stupid brain’s” calculation. But well, who is stupid with money? Counting may be a problem but, only in the classroom or when the money is in the bank. But when it’s in the bush and you need to vacate it as soon as possible, my friend you become a superman. 
The sack was heavy I admit, but since birth, it this day that I knew I was a superman when it comes to “money-in-a bush matters.” Wanna know what happened? I threw the sack on my back and run like a mad man towards home. 
I sneaked with the suck to my store then went to the sitting room where I met my wife. She could tell the sweat on my face and the throbbing heartbeat. Before she could ask anything, I told her I don’t wanna discus anything. So I took a shovel and headed to the garden to dig a pit. Well, why should I share more yet you could start locating my place or garden… Hahaha big time!   

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