KUKA Arm Robot is the Newest DJ at a Prague Nightclub


2017 was the year when Robots and AI got their fairest share of publicity, it’s like researchers and innovators directed all their efforts to empower machine learning. From the medical field to journalism, eye-catching stories revolved around how AI and robots will improve the lives of humanity in terms of efficiency, accuracy in performing surgical operations and so on. Now, as reported by Reuters: a club in Prague by the name Karlovy Lazne is employing a KUKA arm robot as their newest DJ.

See, the world of DJ’s is really demanding -how they need to get on the entailment knob throughout the night and endure the fatigue – perhaps the new “partner” (the KUKA Arm Robot DJ at a Prague Nightclub will relief them. Now, in operation for the past 2 weeks, the robot uses a software to select songs, and pick CDs from a rack, then inserts them into CDJs, then hit the play button.


Apple’s $29 iPhone Battery Swap is Finally Available!

                                                                   Image via: jewishwebsite
For the past two-plus weeks, lawsuits after lawsuits were being filed to sue Apple for slowing old iPhones as the battery got aged. It was serious, and users were really furious on social networks. Apple had to rethink its strategy and earlier this week, it gave an apology to the public for that action.

The apology was highly welcomed because it came with an awesome deal of battery replacement. That is, instead of paying $79 persons wanting to swap their iPhone battery will part with only $29- and would have a brand new power source for their phone. This reduced the public outcry and possibly may the lawsuits that were filed may lose that weight that could otherwise hurt Apple.

The Update on the $29 batteries

Well, according to their letter to the public the batteries were to be availed in late January, however, an updated to the apology post now says that they are available to the public. The company had communicated initially that they needed more time, possible maybe until the end of January 2018, to manufacture the batteries as there were logistics to be put into the account.
“Fortunately we have managed to deliver the products before how it was anticipated. We would also like to notify our clients that the batteries will be limited for now, but more will be availed within the earlier set period and will be reported on” an Apple employee stated to The Verge.

Birkenstock vs. Amazon Feud Extends to search Typos


Even before the tussle between Amazon and Google is resolved, the retailer (Amazon) has found itself on another fire exchange with Birkenstock. The wrangle dates way back in 2016 where Birkenstock opted to stop doing business with Amazon, with the company citing the reason as something to do with counterfeit goods placed on Amazon’s site in its name.

LAPD arrests 25-year Suspect in Wichita “swatting” case

On Thursday the 28th Wichita police responded to a crime alert which led them to kill Andrew Finch. The victim himself was the one who initiated the call claiming that a stranger at his address was holding some people hostage and possibly already shot one person. What was unknown is that the call was a hoax, often referred to as “swatting.”

It’s some form of acting relating to a call of duty match, but one player gave a fake address to their partner who apparently called the police. According to NBC News, police in Los Angeles have detained 25-year Tyler Barris, who is said to have made the call provoking the incident.


Let’s Remember The Ferrari 333SP (Has the "Biggest" Engine)

Ferrari 333sp Via: Timedot
When the Ferrari is mentioned, we think of the booming Formula One. Well, others may think something different – maybe Ferrari racecars like possibly the Ferrari 250 and its ilk. Wait, that’s not all –there is the Ferrari FXX K but you know what, it’s not about either of those – we are talking of the Ferrari 333SP!


How to Automatically Save ALL your Instagram Stories forever

save all instagram stories automatically: image via: Google

If you are a perennial Instagram user (like most of us,) you know that -previously, it was not possible to retrieve those interesting stores after 24 hours -because they used to expire, then vanish for good. That meant that no matter how attached you were to your particular story, you’d never see it again. Sad, right? The only option was saving the story in the phone which is quite cumbersome, but now, the archiving of stories is kinder automatic.


How to Send Money Via Messages using Apple Pay Cash

 send money via apple pay message: image via:imore

Cash transfer is continually being made easier, safer and fun by technology. For your information -in case you are not yet aware, Apple Pay Cash is now active for American users. Meaning you can pay and get paid through a message. 

Initially, Apple made an awesome deal from its Venmon-like payment service -availed by their iOS 11, which rolled out before this feature. Experts call this current development, upping the game. 
Being a respected entity, off cause we expect maximum security from this current provision by Apple, maybe that’s why there was some delay in availing this feature that now allows users to transact via simple messaging. 

To be precise,


What is Making Uber Transition to Driver-less Volvo-Made Cars?

Uber's transition to driverless cars -credit via: Uber
It’s evident that Uber’s efforts to retain the position of being the top ride-hailing company in the world remains unchallenged. Even so -to fasten their grip on the market farther, Uber is planning to purchase over 24,000 sport utility cars from Volvo to foam a new fleet of autonomous vehicles. Well, this is not the first time the company is reporting service upgrade -they are ever evolving.


Telsa's Electric Roadster for 2022 was Mind-blowing

Tesla roadster for 2022 Via: automobilemag
Elon Musk's Electric car manufacturing company unleashed the long-awaited semi-track. Being electrically charged, this would be a great plus to whoever may own it in future. That is -the fuel costs that often hike due to crude oil scarcity and other aspects surrounding the gas market are expected to no longer be a concern to electric car owners.

Is this the future...?

“Very, Really and incredibly” are signs of High Stress Levels -study says

stress levels vs. really, incredibly, and very : via 

Researchers now say that the frequency of words like “very,” “incredibly,” and “really” in speech can help in measuring stress levels. That is, the rate in frequency at which an individual uses these adverbs reveal a lot about his or her emotional health.



Flying Robots deployed to print a 3D Stainless Steel Bridge via Mashable tweater hurdle
With 3D printing being a process of creating three dimensional solid objects specifically from a digital file, the latest mission of its application, which is 3D printing robotics on a stainless bridge -where flying robots are at work has catch many tech aficionados with amazement. In fact, although arguably -this is one of the miracles that technology has brought forth –so far.



The eye is not just any other body organ; it’s a rather complicated unit only treated at specialized eye clinics with doctors that have mastered how it functions, as well as the fragility involved during treatment. 


“Autonomous crash” in Las Vegas Proves Self-Driving Cars are better

                           self-driving car crash within one hour of testing -via Google cars.

A Self-Driving shuttle service expected to celebrate its launch in Las Vegas sooner than later has had to endure a crush in its very first public test. Surprisingly, it was human's fault, as reported, by a local Nevada broadcast outlet, KSNV News 3.

The shuttle manufactured by a French firm Navya but owned and run by another French Private Transportation firm, Keolis, left for it planned 0.6-mile loop around downtown Las Vegas, but before the elapse of one hour, the “autonomous crash,” as many call it, happened. The car was rewarding free rides to willing residents between the points of travel.

After a one hour operation, trying to strict to a two weeks pilot test program, which was created in January and spread to different months, the shuttle was hit on the front part by a large delivery truck that seemed to be pulling out from a loading bay headed towards a street.


The Boring Company Resolves Traffic in LAX by Underground Tunnels

The boring company under Los Angeles
Credit: Elon Musk’s Instangram photo reveals progress of The Boring Company LAX project

The Boring Company through its founder Elon Musk has published a photo showing a 152 meters tunnel, right under the city of Los Angeles. The image that was uploaded on his Instagram account this Saturday reveals one among other numerous tunnel projects underway beneath the city and beyond.

The billionaire says his traffic-busting tunnel will be 17 miles long within a year or so - that is starting from the opening point in LAX. 

While the Boring Company and Musk are anticipating for a huge network of underground tunnel roads, all their resources and focus is currently under Los Angeles. However, Elon puts it clear that he’s going further to establish the network even beyond borders, as long as an area is earthquake free.


I Found Millions in a Sack, Whose Money is it?

via vox-cdn

On my way to home one evening I spotted a motorbike with three gents at a far. They seem to be loading sacks on the bike. With my smart mind, I could tell they were in a rush. It is like the luggage was something valuable and they were against time. 


Bonsai Care Instructions

Via: Pinterest

The fact that bonsai trees are grown in pots or containers is clear that they are highly dependent on you to care for them. Caring for bonsai has been practiced for centuries in China and Japan, where the trees have their pedigree. That is to say, there is a set of guidelines that has been proven and known to work when it comes to bonsai care. (article writing service sample article)

Top Best Bonsai Species

Bonsai species via:
Image updated: 

You can have very many kinds of trees for bonsai, but some species seem to work best. That does not mean that you cannot experiment with the ones that are not mentioned in this article, feel free to explore! So, what trees are best to begin the much-wanted bonsai experience? Read on to discover them and know the best placement as well as some other detail that is specific to the particular bonsai specie. (this is our article writing service sample article)

1. Juniper
Juniper is a genus of the evergreen coniferous shrubs species. There are 50 genuses under this plant and all of them are good bonsai options. In fact, this tree does well that beginners will appreciate experimenting with it. “Juniper Procumbens Nana” tops the list because of its amazing look. It is also a very adaptable bonsai and easy to care for.

Positions: Junipers are outdoor trees, and should be placed in a sunny spot. At times when the afternoon sun proves extreme, it is wise to shed the tree. Despite being a strong tree, protections is highly required for temperatures that go below 14 F especially during winter.

Style: Juniper gives a bonsai designer a wider platform of styles to work with. It can be made into Cascade, Slanting, Semi-cascade, twin, Informal upright, driftwood and triple trunk.

2. Baobab
The baobab tree is native to Africa; by nature, it is tall and gigantic with a smooth trunk. When in the miniature state it gives an awesome appearance when compared to its natural state. It has the quality of being truly adaptable to the training in the process of making bonsai from it. It is also easy to manage in warm climates.
Best positions for a baobab bonsai: it depends on the region and climate surrounding your residence. For a sunny climate, keep your tree outdoors and it will thrive without much care. However, if you come from a temperate zone, the best option is keeping the tree indoors during winter.
Styles for Baobab: Informal upright, Broom and Baobab style

3. Japanese Maple Bonsai
Some experts pick Japanese Maple for its adaptability, color, and lobed leaves. It also has the advantage of conforming to a variety of styles, not to mention that it have different varieties.
Position: The Japanese maple thrives in sunny conditions but should be put under shade when the sun is extremely hot, to shed its leaves from harm. It is also is frost hardy but within specific temperatures. To play safe, you should protect your bonsai from any temperatures below -10 degrees or simply 14 degrees Fahrenheit
Styles: Cascade, Broom, Formal upright and informal upright, all these will fit the Japanese Mable.

4. Cotoneaster horizontalis
This is also called “rock cotoneaster” reason; it is usually formed in the cascade style, and many times planted on the rock. It is a deciduous shrub suitable to begin a bonsai culture experience with. Experts recommend it to folks seeking to begin bonsai cultivation. Besides growing in temperate regions, it has a long-lasting color that makes it exceptional in beauty.

Position: The Cotoneaster easily adapts to either partial shed or full sun with ease but will flower best under full sun. It has no problem with short cold seasons but if the season extents; the trees should be protected from frost.

Styles for cotoneaster horizontalis: Cascade, Semi-cascade, Saikei, Literati, Group planning, slanting or Informal upright

5. Bodhi tree (Ficus Religiosa)
Ficus Religiosa, also known as the sacred fig, reason being, it is under this tree where the renowned Hindu religious leader “Budha” received his revelation. Some other names attached to it include Bo-tree and peepal tree. It grows very fast which makes it an excellent bonsai choice. Its shiny and attractive bronze color seen on the heart-shaped foliage is another thing that qualifies it to be a miniature tree choice. It is easy to trim and pinch.

Positioning for Ficus Religiosa: this tree is better placed where there is plenty of sunlight, at least more than 6 hours a day. It is a tropical tree, so freezing temperatures can destroy it.

Style: Informal upright, Cascade, Rock-over-root, Twin-trunk, Literati Formal upright, Banyan style and Broom

6. Boxwood
Did you know that besides hedging you could develop an excellent bonsai from boxwood? Now you know! In fact, this is a good catch for bonsai beginners as well because it is a super adaptable plant. It is also easy to take care of, or important to say, the species of this particular genus do not stress in terms of maintenance, they are easy to manage.

Position for boxwood: You can always place the tree outdoor because it has strong resilience to high temperatures. however of importance to note is, it naturally exists and grows under the canopy of taller trees so it would be nice to place it under shade or give it a few hours of sunlight.
Styles: Slanting, Formal upright, Informal upright

7. Common Beach (Fangus Sylvatica)
This tree varies in tallness while in the natural setup. When taken for a bonsai it comes out best in upright style. It forms leaves in autumn, which easily turn golden -an amazing color to behold. One setback with the tree is that it takes a lot of time to grow. Meaning it is not fit for bonsai beginners as they may lose patience. Nonetheless, the tree is very beautiful in its miniature state.
(article writing service sample article)

Position: Place in a semi-shaded area, it is just okay when you exposed it to full light but the extreme afternoon sunlight can make it wither, especially in summer.
Styles: Cascade, Semi-cascade, Slanting, Formal upright, Informal upright, Group planting

8. Fisus Retusa
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, that is what they say, right? Fiscus Retusa bonsai has raked numerous praises as being the most attractive tree according to tropical bonsai enthusiasts. It is highly resistant to mistakes and negligence that bonsai students do, meaning it is easy to care and style. It is also a choice tree to experiment forming different styles with.

Position: It does best in a warm climate, however, is should be placed in shade or partial sun. When cold it will be important to keep it indoors but still where it can receive enough sunlight.

Style: Twin-trunk, Formal upright, Informal upright, Cascade, Rock-over-root, Straight line Group Planting, Saikei, Sinuous, Broom, Clump, Clasped-to-rock, Semi-cascade, Slanting

9. Chinese elm
This Asia native elm grows into a splendid bonsai. It gives you the freedom to prune and style it as often as you wish since it is very forgiving. It also has numerous green leaves making it a choice miniature tree for VIP hotels, state houses or honorable venues.

Position: Sufficient sun is key with this tree, so keep at the right spot. It can tolerate temperature variations but will get damages from cold drafts.
Style: Cascade, Semi-cascade Broom, Informal upright

As earlier stated, there are numerous species of trees you can train for bonsai, however, some of them may require experts assistance to grow. For bonsai beginners, commitment is key as that is what will make you master the different species that do best, the conditions they grow with and the time they take to attain maturity. (contact our articles writing service now via!)

A Quick Review for iPad Pro 10.5-inch Tablet

Today, our review is for the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro tablet, which has come to replace the 9.7-inch model. So, is the new tablet really worth your attention? Yup, in fact, it is the best tablet so far in the world. It has come with great improvements in functionality compared to how it was years ago. And that has again pushed Apple to the top spot. Check below why this tablet proves superior. 

Premium Build and Fast Display
From a far, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro hardly seems different from the previous iPads. However, the spotlight is in its brilliantly fast 10.5-inch display, which is fantastic. It is big and confortable to enjoy watching videos and movies, and has proven very portable to carry around.  

It is Powered by A10X Fusion Processor, Apple’s Latest
iPad Pro runs on A10X Fusion processor, which is more powerful and faster, compared to iPhone 7’s and 7 Plus’s, which use A10 Fusion processor. In a test involving the three gadgets, iPad Pro scored impressively:
·        3D Mark Sling Short Extreme: 4,102
·        AnTuTu: 219, 599
The rest were way below in their scores, including iPhone 7 Plus which has an AnTuTu score of 174, 530. 

Besides the impressive performance that the 10-inch iPad Pro guarantees, either you can opt for a 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB internal storage, depending on what you deem is best for your tablet.


Web Content Sample from our Private Article Writing Service: Toronto Cabling


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Welcome to Toronto Cabling
We wish to happily give you a free quote that will help in budgetary calculations for your upcoming office-wiring project. 

We have a friendly team of specialists that will make your projects as smooth as possible -let us assist you in your emergency cabling needs.

At Toronto Cabling, we offer network and phone cabling solutions and resolutions, both within our residence and beyond. We are a phone call away, you can have our skilled technicians survey your site, plan and design, and install a protected network system at very affordable costs.


Structured Cabling Company: - Sample Web Content from our private article writing service

structured cabling sample: article writing serviceWe pride in being able to cover all our clients’ needs by offering a wide array of services. From cable installations, wiring, data transmission techniques, and network cable installations, we have your cabling needs covered. Below are short and detailed summaries of our readily available services.

Structured Cabling
Our in-depth experience with voice, data and LAN or WLAN systems helps us to design and handle every project separately, and with the expertise required. Whether it means implementing or upgrading to a network that meets the bandwidth needs, or anything along such lines, you can count on us.

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Where we get involved, and pick the task 

A structured cabling system should be a complete system of associated hardware and cabling that comprehensively provides a telecommunications infrastructure. This begins at the point of demarcation or right where the service provider terminates their contract -that’s where we pick the task from.
The reason why our technicians take each project as unique is based on: 

  • The customer requirement
  • The major goals expected on the system in terms of data, voice, and video transmission speed
  • The architectural design and structure of the building
  • The present and future demands that the system has to accommodate based on the type of equipment to be used
  • The type of connection products and cables to be used, and
  • The configuration of the already existing systems
Why our technicians use standardize procedures
We only use standardized procedures and methods during installation, as that allows any other well trained contractor to work on the system in future without necessary having to conduct us. Proper structured cabling installation procedures, practices and methodology are ensured by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which works together with EIA/TIA, in issuing certificates of compliance, something we’ve achieved.

How our customers benefit from our compliancy
The reason we comply with these organizations is because, their efforts to ensure standard practices are upheld benefit our clients in terms of design consistency, neatness and conformance to transmission and physical line requirements. This also upholds uniformity in documentation, and provides room for future system changes as well as expansion.  

Fiber Cabling
With an experienced team of certified fiber cable installers, we provide key solutions for all fiber optic networking. This means deployment of Demarc extensions, T1’s and DS3’s. Also, all your multi-mode and single mode optic needs together with CAT5 and CAT6 questions are readily solvable under us. 

Besides the exceeding experience in doing underground, aerial and on-towers fiber cable installations, we first advice our clients on what works best for them based on their property configuration. 

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The tools involved
Success in fiber cabling not only lies in the hands of experts; it also demands having and using the right tools. We have it all, from boring equipment, mass fusion splicer, re-generation equipment, OTDR locators, hydraulic lifts, splice cases, lasers and fiber switches. 

Cable Wiring Services
Wiring or rewiring a home, office or business property is a job reserved only for the certified and licensed crew. Our technicians have the training required to achieve international standards of workmanship when it comes to the cable wiring services we offer.

The types of cables used possess a huge impact on the quality of a project as well as the time-guarantee expected. However, there’s no need to worry as we can advise on that -simply contact us.
In essence, besides the end-to-end testing, cables ought to be labeled to avoid any confusion during work. Red should remain red, and black, black, nothing less. We advocate for good quality connectors during wiring as well as usage of the right colored tapes for insulation and masking, where need be.

Our Network Installation Services security guarantee
We offer overall network system design, installations, repairs and integration services. All these are done with security of the system in mind. From data, voice, audio, video and any other electronic transmissions, it’s obvious that you don’t want to take a route that may jeopardize your classified information. We’ve also specialized in installing optical fiber, wireless and copper based systems of distribution.  

Who are our customers?
We serve various industries including manufacturing facilities, government offices, organizations, commercial accounts and health care facilities. No matter the size of your project, you are covered and at a fair cost. The small projects to us are important just as we handle huger ones, as we understand that’s the need of our client. 

We associate leaders in various areas
By partnering with IT consultants, engineers, AV contractors, general contractors, architects, and system furniture vendors, solving network problems has become easier for us. From classified rooms, data centers, to multi-building campus environments, the richness of our expertise, equipment and resources allows us to timely deliver any network installation project that our client may require within a short time.   

Some of our recent and past projects include:
·        CAT6 inter-cabinet cabling
·        VESDA, PDU Cabinets
·        Installing Network, SAN Cabinets and Servers
·        Cable Management and Equipment rack
·        Connectivity Designs, Top of Cabinet
·        Designing and implementing Grounding and Bonding Systems
·        Surveillance Systems Installations
·        Slab Floor and Raised Floor Designs
·        Pod and Hot Aisle Containment Systems
·        System Commissioning
·        Manufacture Documentation analysis and Product Testing, among others. 

Moving your Data Centers to us means not interrupting other important tasks that need to be maintained, so, you can count on us. 

Network Cabling
The quality of manufacturer product for network cabling matters a lot, that’s why spending some hours if not a day or two sourcing for prime or superior products is essential, however, you can as well leave that to our team of experts, and let them sweat on your behalf. 

What testing of manufacturer products means to us
All products must also be tested using reliable and technologically up-to-date techniques, these include attenuation, wire-mapping, return loss, and DC loop resistance, NEXT, and length. As networks evolve, so, does the need to use better equipment to establish the reliability of manufacturer products before channeling them into a system. 

Testing tools
Cable test instruments come with a variance of focused features for different fields. They also differ in performance, application and price, which means only experts, can effectively use them. Although some features overlap with various test tools, the point is usually to precisely answer a unique testing need.

Some of the prime testing tools we use include the DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer, CableIQ, MicroMapper, and the MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier. With these instruments, it is easier to establish if the network cabling installed is connected correctly, if the existing link supports particular network technologies and finally the needed speeds for the system to function optimally.  

Data Cabling
We are dedicated to delivering data cabling solutions, which we achieve by conducting careful site surveys. We come with various designs, pick the most appropriate and seek for techniques to support and implement the finally approved design, as per the formulated drawings. 

Each project is handled separately and with the weight it deserves so as to exceed our clients’ expectation. We offer budget friendly services with less disruptions to other daily undertakings, meaning your business will not suffer. 

Where and when may you require data cabling services?
Data transmission and other electronic means of communication are important aspects of any organization. This is where we come in to provide data, video and voice solutions. We can also come in to offer the same services when you are refurbishing your office, or you have realized that your systems need repair, upgrading or even just a closer professional analysis to check how speed and capacity can be improved. 

The only way a business is assured of competing positively is being flexible enough to accommodate technological advancements which can only be enhanced by modern cabling. The data cabling awaiting to be installed ought to accommodate possible future growth and advancement, that’s why we are willing to give solutions to that. 

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Cable Installation
The increasing demand for reliable cable installers has hiked in relation to the constant evolution of technology and foreseen environmental changes. What keeps us ever on top is industry specialization, in terms of mastering cat3 cat6a and coax voice cabling, among others.

We offer cost effective services for wireless LAN, paging systems, audio, visual, outside plant and all fiber optic cable installation solutions.  

Being able to handle the whole process from site survey, infrastructure design, and project actualization to delivering timely results, with minimum disruption has given us an edge in the market. Our engineers have worked many years on projects from telecom and electricity industries, that why we believe that our crew has all it takes to dominate the industry. 

Our track record for successfully handling installation projects is documented, and you may want to take a glimpse to confirm our experience in the field, and in the ICP/IDNO market, before hiring. In fact, we recommended checking the years of experience for our technicians when giving us major projects. 

Network Cable Installation
For commercial network cable installation, and educational services, we arrange with our clients to ensure a win, win situation. In actuality, we’ve over the year managed to cover everyone, from locally operating small businesses, learning institutions inclusive of campuses and research centers, to large industrial facilities.  

Our services in this category include:
·        Cabling Site Survey- This helps to determine the tools required, budgetary constrain involved, and the feasibility of an installation.
·        Profession Advise and generation of design drawings
·        Demarc Extension Services- This entails connecting your property’s network to the preferred data line, which may include DSL, T1 or POTS or any other made available by the vendor or telephone company near you.
·        Network Wiring and Testing- Wiring is key for any stable network system, and this comes after testing to certifying the system is up to the requirement.
·        Wi-Fi Network Installation- from planning, designing and installing, we ensure your system is able to handle the challenges and needs that could arise in future in your location.
  • Structured Cabling Installation- The whole process begins with plan, then designing -installation comes later. That is, after a professional consensus is established and all products are sourced.
Also, for installation of coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, phone cable, Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6 you’ll have a special team to handle your project professionally and according to your specifications with less interference to your business’s environment. In fact, your clients will hardly know there’s something going on. 

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Office Cabling Installation
Office cabling- this is a fundamental part of the office change or renovation. Our professional office cabling installation services ensures that you don’t compromise the integrity of your office data, speeds of transmission or capacity. From upgrading networks, re-routing and wiring, everything is handled with specialists, not just any other person. 

With years of practical experience of office cabling network services, we need only a short time to move your system from a standard data and voice network, to a classy fiber optic or Ethernet network. Besides a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee of the finished work, you can ask for advice on the route and the most appropriate office cabling solutions

Specialist services
We provide specialist services in wiring computer networks, office data cabling, internet phone systems, Wi-Fi, telecom systems, and voice over IP installation and testing services.

Why opt for our office installation services?
Customers recommend our services for various reasons and below listed reflect a few things why we think we are liked the most:
1.      We conduct a full site survey and advise our clients appropriately
2.      We work within the agreed budgets
3.      We test all manufacturer products to ensure they are best for your office purpose
4.      We customize our refurbishment packages based on the customer’s requirements
5.      We test the installations and give service warranties and maintenance support
6.      We uphold and comply to the set health and safety standards
7.      We are quick and determined to minimize office “downtime” or even set it at zero seconds.

What keeps us above other Structured Cabling Companies?
In this industry, only experts flourish and we pride in leading others. Besides investing in tools and equipment for the trade, we also pride in hiring highly skilled work force to ensure our clients get the best. 

Compliance to standards
The reason we comply to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the EIA/TIA is because this benefits our clients more than us. It takes a lot of effort to meet the standards set by these bodies, but our management ensures they are met and kept. These standards focus on health, safety and standardization of installation procedures purposed to accommodate future advancements. 

Customer satisfaction
We ensure satisfaction in Structured Voice and Data Cabling, Wire Management, Security Camera Installation, Patch Panel Termination, Cable Testing and Certification, Design Formulation and Structured Cabling Implementation. 

We have exceeded the requirements expected for structured cabling companies by offering unparalleled services. Additionally, we’re been licensed, certified and insured to handle all forms of wiring projects and cable installation. Conduct our customer care for more.   

This is a sample from our private article writing service, we would like to add value to your website, simply contact us here.