How an Article Writing Service can help You Grow a Massive Website with Videos

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Everyone is now going online and that’s why a reliable article writing service may be a refuge to many websites. Businesses should learn to spread their online nets further by offering

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quality information, if they are to keep their customers, as well as remain relevant to the fast evolving world. Published websites now emerge to be the cheapest mode of advertising as they are accessible 24/7.

In fact, if you just look around where you are right now, you will realize a majority of people with smartphones or laptops are surfing the internet looking for some written info, or watching a video. This is the new direction now taken by people, and websites have to be updated with fresh content to retain their hungry audience. 
How long will a SEO article serve you?
In essence, your website is the actual display that is selling your business to the world and it’s important you learn to update it with valuable contents. It’s the cheapest platform you have, to say what you actually offer to your customers in a professional and friendly way. One well researched and SEO written article can speak for your business for decades, which means it’s important to have an expert working for an established article writing service do the writing for you.
In today’s world, nobody wants to engage unprofessional minds, even when purchasing the simplest services or products online. Your audiences want to be sure that you mean business before they can resort to ordering your products or services, and the easiest means to know that is by reading your website or blog post. If they get crappy information, it is definite that they will move on to the next website. However, you can avoid that with an accredited article writing service. 
Besides having high quality articles mounted on your website, it’s important to note the pressure of competition surrounding your online presence. The only way to disarm your online rivals is by updating your website’s blog regularly with fresh and high articles.
Quantity is also another reason why you may want a closer relationship with experts of an article writing service. It’s easy to grow your blog from having several published blog posts to hundreds or thousands of highly informative articles that readers will love. For instance, publishing;-

  •  1 article per day = 7 fresh articles per week,

  • 7 articles per week = 28 fresh articles per month,

  • 28 articles per month = 336 fresh articles per year!

More analysis on quantity against your rivals
As long as your competitors are busy updating their websites with fresher articles and videos, it may be quite hard for your business to claim the online space it deserves without the correct number of articles or videos. The good thing with getting blog posts or article from an article writing service is that you can grow a money making website machine that claims authority in a niche in terms of quality articles, videos and images. For example, publishing several blog posts per day can make your website massive come the end of the year, that is having;-

  •  5 article per day in 1 week means 5 X 7 =35 articles

  • 35 articles X 4 weeks = 140 articles in a month, therefore…

  • 140 X 12 months = 1680 high quality articles in 1 year! 

Now assume you mount at least 3 videos per week, at the end of the year you’ll be talking of 144 videos on your online business. The mentioned amount of articles as well as videos will definitely give your online presence a cutting edge in terms of authority and that can make your website to rank higher. 
New entries to your website
In actuality, every time you publish a new blog post or article, it means a new entry to your blog or site. When people search for information on search engines, they may be directed to your published articles. 
The cheapest you can spend on content writing services, without including a video
Factually, engaging an article writing service is more of an investment for your website than a liability. The money you spend for sourcing quality articles is incomparable to the benefits the articles will bring to your website. For instance;-

  • One (1) 500 word article = $5 only, therefore;

  • 2 * 500 word articles = $ 10

  • 10 * 500 word articles = $ 50 only,

  • 20 * 500 word articles = $ 100 only
The mathematics goes on, BUT, the benefits earned from the articles and the video (s) will last forever as long as your website remains online. Generally, it is very easy to grow a blog; all you need is quality content, which we are ready to supply. You can also hire someone to regularly write and update your website. Try this article writing service foryour blogs and articles, today!

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