Chewing gum, Another Write Faster Technique that’s Little Known

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Most writers hunt for ways in which they can write at a flash light speed. Fast writing simply means you’ll do more assignments in a short time, and that automatically translates to more cash. Writing faster is a skill like any other, and the good news is, you can master it. However, you’ll need to incorporate this write faster technique in your daily writing practice to achieve the goal. See below, how chewing gum helps you as you practice to become a fast-writer:
It minimizes sub-vocalization distraction
The essence of making your mouth busy through chewing gum is to help reduce sub-vocalization. Research shows that sub-vocalizing when writing lowers your speed of transferring the words into your word processor from your brain. 
Memory boosting property
Gum chewing has raked up scientific praises through its memory boosting property. Scientists say, it increases blood circulation in the body just like any other physical exercise, which means, more blood and oxygen to the brain. The exercise comes with benefits such as nourishing the brain and boosting its ability to recall information. 
Mental alertness
All forms of writing takes mental alertness and chewing gum is one aspect that can boost it. However, it’s also important to write during your high mood. Pop a gum approximately 5 minutes before starting a writing gig. You don’t necessarily have to chew the gum all the time you are writing, only those times you feel down. This technique not only helps you to write faster but can also be a great memory booster when you are proofreading your articles.  
Writing at high speed solely depends on your mental alertness. It’s how fast your brain is able to process the words per minute. Being able to concentrate fully and consistently on the task at hand increases your productivity many-times-over. Next time you think of a write faster technique try chewing a gum, and kindly give us your feedback in the comment section below.

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