Chewing gum, Another Write Faster Technique that’s Little Known

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Most writers hunt for ways in which they can write at a flash light speed. Fast writing simply means you’ll do more assignments in a short time, and that automatically translates to more cash. Writing faster is a skill like any other, and the good news is, you can master it. However, you’ll need to incorporate this write faster technique in your daily writing practice to achieve the goal. See below, how chewing gum helps you as you practice to become a fast-writer:
It minimizes sub-vocalization distraction
The essence of making your mouth busy through chewing gum is to help reduce sub-vocalization. Research shows that sub-vocalizing when writing lowers your speed of transferring the words into your word processor from your brain. 

Memory boosting property
Gum chewing has raked up scientific praises through its memory boosting property. Scientists say, it increases blood circulation in the body just like any other physical exercise, which means, more blood and oxygen to the brain. The exercise comes with benefits such as nourishing the brain and boosting its ability to recall information. 

Mental alertness
All forms of writing takes mental alertness and chewing gum is one aspect that can boost it. However, it’s also important to write during your high mood. Pop a gum approximately 5 minutes before starting a writing gig. You don’t necessarily have to chew the gum all the time you are writing, only those times you feel down. This technique not only helps you to write faster but can also be a great memory booster when you are proofreading your articles.  

Writing at high speed solely depends on your mental alertness. It’s how fast your brain is able to process the words per minute. Being able to concentrate fully and consistently on the task at hand increases your productivity many-times-over. Next time you think of a write faster technique try chewing a gum, and kindly give us your feedback in the comment section below.

Cyber Security is now Everybody’s Problem: Tips to Combat this Menace

The list of companies that continue to wail over cyber-attacks is lengthening with each daybreak, and you may not want your business to join in the list. Cyber security has become a major concern with even the top companies like eBay, Sony and Ashley Madison complaining of recent major data breaches from the now-wiser hackers. It’s rather unfortunate that cooperates, have to bear with the rising number of daily cyber-attacks. That is, over 2000 successful attacks every day, according to McAfee and Google current reports. This is why firms are seriously updating their cyber-attack counter game. Below are current ways to combat this issue:
Alertness to the insider threat
Research shows that some of the worst cyber-attacks may result from the emails received by employees in an organization. Hackers have upped their game, and will try as much as possible to make the links they sent through such mails to look friendlier and harmless. The email may seem as if it’s coming from a social media friend, relative or even another business associate, tempting the employees to click it, which obviously may leak out information. 

As such, firms ought to educate their employees to know cyber security is now everyone’s problem, especially when it comes to clicking any untrusted links in the emails. Besides that, the company’s IT experts should also monitor each computer remotely to ferret-out suspected employees that may jeopardize the security of the business, intentionally.

Tightening of systems security
A vigil eye should be kept, when it comes to systems monitoring. Firms ought to ensure they only have IT experts that move with time and modernity when enhancing cyber-security in their systems. That means, updating malware defense, installing complicated passwords on servers and on the major computer database, encryption of delicate information and patching of vulnerable bugs. The Chief Information Officer should also ensure vigorous filtering of inside and outside email communications in the organization. 

Mobile phones and other gadgets
With the current trend of attacks on private information, there is no need to trust anyone, including your employees when around or inside the critical data systems room. Apart from restricts on entry to such zones, there are machines and software that can help to automatically switch off someone’s mobile device when accessing such rooms. Important company devises also can be remotely wiped off completely in case they get into the wrong hands or get lost. 

Inviting expert and professional advice
Cyber security is an ever-evolving matter, and it’s important to always have up-to-date professional advice concerning it. In fact, it’s worth spending more money on areas most prone to attacks to ensure the company is not wasting resources on what doesn’t really matter. However, that is only achievable with staying in touch with experts.

From ensuring all the company systems possess valid network security certificates, proper antivirus and firewall software, to training of employees, it’s now obvious that extra measures should be put into place to combat these cyber security menaces. Having a special crew of experts frequently monitory a company’s cyber-well-being may be the only future for larger business, companies or even institutions. 


SEO Article Writing Service

Image for SEO article writing serviceCompetition for online space and authority is healthy and everyone should embrace that. However, victory comes with efforts and expertise; it may be very hard for you to rank your website highly with less focused content. That’s the reason a SEO article writing service may be of great help for your website’s growth. 
No matter how much a person is good in writing, if they can’t produce contents like that of a SEO article writing service it’s obvious that their work will remain a private asset. Your website is meant for the public and it should reach as many people as possible, which means the content therein ought to be fully optimized.

Websites with less optimized contents tend to be ignored by the search engine robots. Search engines don’t want to make a mistake of ranking unfocused information. Which means, a website filled with non SEO articles is less likely to receive the traffic it deserves as compared to the one that’s getting its content from a professional article writing service.

What Some Article Writing Service Experts May not tell their Clients
As it is with any other business, clients ought to be told the truth by article writing services so that they know what to expect every time they order content. Article writing is an art that involves planning and skimming to ensure quality. When dealing with an expert writer you may not need to give a thought to this, but it’s good to have the facts about the products you outsource, like in this case you are paying someone to produce articles for you, and therefore you have the right to demand quality.   

They’ll not tell you an article ought to be crafted from several sources
An established writer knows that using one source when crafting an article is not wise, despite the fact that the article may pass the plagiarism test. Developing content from several sources makes the finished product super-unique to search engines and relevant to the readers. Remember you don’t want to buy articles to please search engine robots only, your focus should be building trust with your audience and that should be the focus of your article writing service.

It takes time to write high quality articles
This is obvious but it’s important that you hear it from an experienced writer. The reason why most established services promise to deliver a 500 words article after 5 hours is because they understand the above mentioned fact. You don’t want a piece of crap delivered with haste, because, you are paying to have a quality master-piece! 

They’ll not tell you that you are the reason for their existence
In addition, some article writing service experts are too proud to admit the client is the boss. That’s a fact, and cannot change! Clients ought to get what they deserve, and that should be taken as it is. The writer handling your jobs should ensure your business and satisfaction is well taken care off. NOTE: You can order original articles from our service for as little as $5, simply contact

Daily Blog Posting: Should I post Fresh Content Daily on my Blog?

For quite sometimes, upcoming bloggers have been asking whether daily a daily activity like posting a new post is the way to go. It’s a hard question, with even
the most prominent bloggers not being able to give a direct answer. However, posting a blog daily has its exceptional advantages you will not want to miss. Below is the short list of benefits that accompany daily posting on your blog. 
Back-link building
You must be knowing how hard it is to get back links that point to you blog. However, by publishing a fresh post daily, you can have something to share on you social site, which in return creates newer back links to you blog site. When your friend further shares the link you have posted on their profile, that will increase the number of links pointing back to that post making it more popular. 

For instance, the blogger who posts fresh content daily can benefit as follows:

1 blog post shared by you to your profile increase the number of your back-links by 1. If the post is shared by;
  • 2 of your friends that = 3 back links (your 1 link plus the 2 from friends)
  • 5 friends = 6 back links
  • 10 friends = 11 back links and so on...
Now let’s say, you posted 10 articles within 7 days and shared each post on Facebook and Twitter;

  • 1st Post gets you 2 back-links, one from Facebook and one from Twitter
  • For the 10 articles, you will have 20 back links within 7 days, which is simply one week! Now assume you remain consistent for one month. You'll have a total of 100 back-links within 1 month.
  • After 5 months, you will be talking of 500 back-links and don’t forget this is after publishing only 1 article a day!
New entries
In addition to the new back-links, new posts provide new entries to your site. If your articles are SEO written, it means search engines should find them and that equates to more traffic. Now, this means, a freshly written post provides additional chances for the site to receive traffic. For example, if you publish, one (1) article and it gets 50 viewers, then with good topics, 

  1. 2 articles may bring in 100 viewers
  2. 5 article may bring in 250 viewers
  3. 10 articles = 500 viewers
  4. 20 articles = 1000 viewers
  5. 30 articles = 1500 viewers, (with means in this case you’ll be posting 1 single article each day to arrive to 30 articles!)
  6.  60 good articles gives you 3000 viewers and so on.
You may also want to post fresh articles or content on a daily basis if you have an active audience. For instance, the owner of had to post articles to his blog on a regular basis. His blogs is one of those that gives daily advice on work productivity, how you can overcome procrastination, and other daily-life wisdom. Active readers will always come to your blog expecting something new and it’s good they find some palatable nuggets of writer-ups.

Maintaining readers takes work, but you can always hire a private article writer to handle the writing work for you. With a private article writer you will only have to pay $3 for a 500 words blog post that is if you engage him to writer 1 or 2 article daily. After you have built trust with your writer, you can even have him upload or publish a new article or two on your website. See below how much you save with a private article writer who can help you writer 1 article daily for blog posting;
If you publish your blog daily, you’ll spend $3 per 500words article which means;
  • 2 days = $6 for 2 high quality 500words articles,  
  • 3 days = $9,
  • 7 days = $21, this is the price for 7 articles, with each going at 3 dollars!
  • 1 moth = $ 80 only, with means 30, 500 words articles at a cost of 3 dollars each.
Blog comments
Comments on your blog posts signify authority to the information you have published. They also give a positive impression about your website, hence good ranking. Publishing a new post daily on your blog increase readership, as well as interaction which is enhanced at the commend section beneath each published post. If you have 10 comments from a single blog post, then;

  •  2 article can get you 20 blog comments, which means 20 outgoing links
  •  3 article may mean 30 comments...
  • For 5 well-crafted articles, you get 50 blog comments on 5 different articles, which translates to 50 outgoing links. This tells Search Engines that your website is an authority in your niche simply because many people want to associate with the published information. 
Blog comments also lengthen your blog posts in the eyes of search engines. In fact, try as much as possible to reply to each comments posted underneath your published post. You can decide to publish your replies daily as that creates a good impression to the search engines. SE will think you are posting a fresh blog post daily or even updating the post regularly. NOTE: You can order original articles like this for as little as $5, simply contact