Non-English Native Writers Write Better than Natives do, How True is that?

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It’s said, an informed judge makes better verdicts! So, what’s the answer to the above question in the title? …Read on, to get the info! Nonnative English writers do well, and sometimes even better than natives do when it comes to detail precision in writing.

What is a writing talent?
It’s a passion, an innate force, that pushes the talented individual to learn more about the art of crafting words. A person can be English-native, but if writing is not a talent to them, they can write grammatically correct, shallow, hard to read and generalized crap, and yet call that an article. 
What do readers want?
Off cause, readers will want a piece of information that’s detailed and problem solving. Not grammatically sound fluffy information. However, that does not permit you to forsake your goal to improve towards writing fluently like a native English writer, no; your dream is still valid. Continue to focus on ways you can improve your grammar, never stop delivering detailed content in exchange for your good grammar.
Why select non-natives
Research shows that people who strive to acquire a skill do better than those who don’t have to strain to get it. The reason the smart clients prefer dealing with nonnative English writers is because; these writers tend to be keen on detail preciseness. They know they have to deliver the best short in the quest to compensate to their one or two grammatical errors.
It’s better to have your article delivered by someone who’ll do their best. As much as grammar preciseness is important, you also want detail and relevancy incorporated in each of your masterpiece articles.  

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