KCSE Result 2017 Announcement and Result Checking

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As the custom is nowadays, students who sat for their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, get a chance to check their KCSE result 2017 by visiting http://www.knec-portal.ac.ke/That is, soon after the results are released by the cabinet secretary for education. All you’ll be required to do is simply key in the Center Number (or, the school’s registration number,) and your Index Number, then press the check/confirm button..

Another option to check your 2017 kcse result
Also, you can use services like the well-known 22252 messaging system, offered by Safaricom to know of your grades. Here, you simply send your details and the results will be send back to you. Your details include the center number followed by your index number. Remember, the center number is usually the same as with all students of a particular school. So, what samples out your KCSE result 2017 in your school is your unique index number.
Index number just helps in the process of result confirmation

Index number are issued locally in a school depending of the localized procedure of the school. That is, your school could have issued the indexes based on the mock performance results, or, based on the streams in your school. Whichever the case, the index number only comes into play to help you confirm your KCSE Result 2017, and nothing more. Good luck.  

Factually, the grading system depends on the mean performance of all candidates in the nation. Below is an example of what to expect when it comes to 2017 KCSE grading procedure;

A stand = 85 to 100 points
A-(minus)=78 to 84 points
B+(plus) = 64 to 77 points 
B (plain) = 56 to 63 points
B-(minus)=50 to 54 points
C+ (plus) = 44 to 49 points and so on…

Please note the above is an example derived from the year 2004. KCSE result 2017 could see a totally different grading system. The good things is, the government has of late promised different avenues where candidates can further their skills, either through education or the talents they posses. 


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