KCPE Result 2017 -How and Where to Check your Results

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Technology has made things easier. You can now check your KCPE result 2017 simply by sending a short SMS to 22252 if you are a Safaricom subscriber. Simply send your Index Number, which is the number that identified you when you were sitting for the KCPE examination, to the above number. However, note that the SMS is not free, you’ll have to part with an average10 to 20 shillings worth of airtime. 

Use the official website to check your 2017 KCPE results
In a different case, you can also visit the official KCPE website, which is, www.knec-portal.ac.ke/where you will be required to input your center number as well as the Index Number. The process of checking your KCPE result 2017 should take less than 10 minutes on the higher side.
How soon can you check your 2017 KCPE results?
Gone are the days where you had to visit your former primary school after 2 or so weeks for you to get your KCPE results. Today, it takes a day or two after the official announcement that declares exam results release.
Ideally, the website to confirm results may tend to be slow or overcrowded immediately after the release. However, you want to work smarter, by visiting the site during nighttime. That is, from 12pm after many people have gone to sleep.
2017 KCPE results Grading system
This will depend on the performance mean score for all schools across the nation.
However, below is an exemplary breakdown of how grading can be;
1. 485 – 500 marks = A
2. 450 – 485 marks = A-
3. 430 – 450 marks =B+
4. 420 – 430 marks = B, and so on.
This is just an example of how grading for KCPE result 2017 may be. But, as said, it depends on the country’s mean performance. So keep checking. The grading may or may not favor you, but there’s no need to panic as there are many secondary schools you can enroll to, for your secondary certificate furtherance.

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