Make Money Online Writing Article in Kenya: Tutorial (Short Modules)

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Kenya is a country of talents and this is evident in almost all walks of life. From being international athletic champions severally to winning awards in writing, that confirms the hype: Kenyans got talent! It no secrete and not trying to tout a Kenyan writer. The likes of Ngugi Wa Thiongo, Grace Ogot, Binyavanga Wainaina and the rest are just a few of the Kenya writers who leveraged the international market with their fiery novels and poems… 

In fact, I recently come to realize that most of the US websites are Kenyan written. Most clients from America tend to hire Kenyans to make up the contents they need for their website or even businesses…To the newbies who want to make money online in Kenya by writing; the question goes, is it really possible to achieve that?

With the thousands of graduates flooding from colleges to a job limited society, thousands have embarked into online writing jobs. Some have made it but some left the journey a long time ago. I hope you will be among the lasting online workers in Kenya after carefully reading this article to the end. Just to alert you, this post is long, that is why it’s a tutorial, it’s meant to equip you as well as provide the websites you need to make real dollars online. So, what’s the road to making money by writing articles online like, and how can you begin?

Module 1:Kick-start by reading American websites
Reading, reading and reading is how you acquaint yourself with the necessary training before signing up with an article writing service. This is simple! Moreover, you are doing it even this very moment. It all begins by reading and reading and reading mostly articles from America websites. Right now, you are on this article, and that’s how professional writers begin. Don’t be shocked because of how I am able to write such nice American English on my blog and on this article, I also started from somewhere and now I enjoy much of American writing style than any other…There is much you need to know from this article so stick on to the end.

Module 2: Practice your writing
They say, writers write, and that’s true. However the only way to claim respect as a writer is writing what is relevant and worthy to the reader. Practice being a writer on a daily basis. “Nothing comes easy” is a saying you must have heard of, and now that turns to reality when it comes to writing. You are not the first to practice writing so don’t take it as a humiliating task. My advice is, make sure you at least write a 500 words article daily without fail.

Isolation and maximum attention
That means you must have a personal computer because relying on cybercafe computers for the practice might prove expensive or even distressful. Writing is a solitary type of occupation because you need as less distractions as possible. It is a private thing and the only way to effectively grow as a writer is to do it in a solitary and calm environment. Your target is to write and make money online in Kenya so you must work towards that with all your efforts and that means isolation and maximum concentration.

Module 3: Start blogging
A blog is where you will now upload the many 500 words pieces you were writing during writing practice. Since this is a tutorial, I beg to give a smart explanation of what a blog is. SIMPLE: a blog is website where you publish content. Therefore, since the content will meet readers, the posts you upload on your blog must be informative and value adding to the audience. It is not just about littering the internet with crappy articles, no; it is mainly about giving facts using your writing talent, all contents must be directed to meet the reader’s needs.

Module 3a: Research
Setting up a blog requires some research, check to know the niche that flows well with you. To most people, deciding on what niche to leverage their blogging efforts is often the greatest nightmare. However, use this as an advice, and chances of you regretting of ever beginning a blog in a certain keyword will be lower. ADDIONTONAL ADVICE: take a topic that is in line with your career…! Hope you’ve read that part silently because it’s a secret that carry your online blogging success.

Module 3b: Understand keywords and what they means
If you are an aspiring writer, you must have heard about keywords and their importance. Moreover, if not, the simplest and yet accurate explanation of it is, a keyword is the theme of the content. It is the topic explained in the text of an article. For your information, there are very many bloggers who make money online in Kenya on daily basis; the text in blue is the keyword for this article. In fact, 97 percent of online article writing is keyword focused. As a writer, you must have a specialty or simply a niche to begin start with. I began my writing carrier from one established article submission directory called EzineArticles where I picked writing articles as my niche. 

Module 4: Article writing services
Quite a good number of websites can hire you to write for them. All you need to do is simply register or sign up with them and begin. Clients post jobs which you will be required to pick and writer as fast as possible, then submit for approval. Depending of the guidelines of the article writing service you can pick more than one job, which you’ll be required to submit after a few hours, or simply submit before 24hours from the time you picked the job. Some article writing services carry geographical restrictions. Meaning only writers from certain English speaking countries can register on their sites. However, there are also few websites that will accept Kenyan writers, these include;

Module 4a: Article writing services to make money online writing in Kenya:

Hotype: This is a UK based article writing service but they accept writers from Kenya and some other countries. has it special way of deciding the amount payable per article, that is they only pay for the words that Google sees during content ranking. The stop words are not paid for. These stop words include: you, I, we, should, tell a lie, the, them, etc., literary the words used as either conjunctions or adverbs and any other word that is meant to enhance content flow but not really necessary for ranking on search engines. Try your luck here

Iwriter: is US based and serves and an international market for outsourcing contents. The writers on the platform are able to writer articles, web contents, and e-books or anything else that a client requests. Various levels of writing are exhibited on this platform which include: Standard, Premium, Eliteand Elite Plus. All these levels are meant to define the expertise and competitiveness of a writer. The levels are earned through hard work, meaning you must consistently submit high quality articles to be approved and ranked highly. Go to and try your luck! 

Paypercontent I don’t know much about these site, all I know is that you are required to submit a test article based on the keyword generated by the system. In addition, the site is kinder like still new so I don’t know whether they have clients yet. You can check and let us know your experience in the comment section below. not much is available about this website, but it claims to offer online jobs for writers…
Briliantwriters: There are many complaints about this website, it seems they don’t pay, however, they may they have changed or something…! My advice is, don’t join the site unless you’ve done enough research to ascertain its legitimacy

Module 4ab: Freelancing websites you can bid to make money online writing articles in Kenya. Almost all of these share the guidelines and rules that a writer must accept and keep to obtain and sustain membership. You are given a certain number of “credit bids” that you will use to bid for the jobs posted by clients. Below are a common few:

Module 4abc: Writing for Direct Clients
The sweetest part of writing is when you have direct clients in your portfolio. The direct client may present themselves as website owners or a private writing company. Mostly, clients who want content for their own website may request articles occasionally, they may not be consistent, so you will not have a steady income working for them. While on the other hand, clients who own an article writing company may hire you on a permanent basis. That is, they will require your services on a full time basis.

How you get direct clients is now the biggest hurdle, but once you get them, your writing life and carries will certainly change drastically. This is because you will have the opportunity to write daily and on different topics. That will sharpen everything in your writing career, right from the typing speed to accuracy in details as well as ferreting out grammatical and spelling errors.

So in what ways can you get direct clients?

A-Referral from friends and relatives
You trust your article writing abilities? Find out whether some of your friends or relatives are into writing and the kind of clients they work for. If they are working for an article writing company you can request them to introduce you to the service by recommending your writing to the concerned client, or website admin.

B-From other websites
Here we talking of the biding websites. Before using the below method to get yourself direct clients, be warned that it it is not allowed. And once the administrators notice you are sharing contact information through their platform, your email address will be blocked an you can even get banned permanently from the site. Hope that has sunk well…? Ideally, when you bid and get a paying client, let him or her initiate the idea of direct work relation but not you. That is, the client might decide the contract be worked off the platform because of reasons best known to him or her, all you have to do is just accept the offer, but let him or her prove that they are not a scammer.

Ideally, there are many avenues you can make money online writing articles in Kenya. The only problems is getting established, a thing you can work on with time. Just ensure your writing skills, and speed are above average. Kenyans are very competitive and you obviously want to standout, which means you must work on your skills all round. 

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