Articles Written in American English Have Higher Demand

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A certain blogger said, “English is English, but America English sells better online.” The person who said this could be mistaken as being biased based on how one decides to understand the phrase. Nonetheless, since the World Wide Web was invented and is dominated by the US audience, it is factually correct that serous websites are mostly filled with articles written in American English. In fact, it is wise to ensure your articles are crafted in American English style just to avoid any uncertainty. So, how do you establish that the writer you want to hire writes articles in American English?

Check the use of American English spelling
Some words when used in a write-up clearly portray the ability of a writer to either write US or British dialect. A highly experienced writer will often use American English simply because most of the online businesses are American based, however, he or she should also not have problems to switch to the British style if instructed.
Read the samples
Request samples from the writer you want to hire and check how he or she spells the distinctively native US spelling forms. This include words like; harbor, labor, neighbor, and favor among others. A writer that uses harbour, labour neighbour or favour, is definitely best for Briton websites but not US businesses. These words are mostly the cut line between articles written in American English and the rest.
Grammatical differences
Articles written in American dialect have some consistent grammatical style different from British style. American writing tends to avoid the word shall in the fast person, but embraces “will.” for instance, a US made sentence sounds correct like this, “I will come to your church on the weekend,” as opposed to British writers who will write, ‘I shall come to your home atthe weekend’.
Punctuation marks
Looking at the above two examples, you will realize one sentence uses double punctuation marks while the other one goes with single opening and closing marks. The American version of English prefers double opening and closing speech marks with the comma or period inside the closing mark, as opposed to the British English version that upholds single punctuation marks with the comma or full stop outside the closing marks.
The elements that sample out articles written in American English from British English are many. In fact, the best decision you can make if you want your articles written in consistent American style is dealing with a professional private article writer. Shoot him an email now to get the best of quality for your blogs and websites for as low as $5 per 500 words high quality masterpiece. 

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