Using Manuka Honey is Linked to Unique Benefits – Number 10 is Amazing

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The natural sweetness of honey makes it highly appreciated in tea; nonetheless, its medical value has been appreciating progressively with more scientific discoveries. However, only smart people have been able to depict the one type of quality honey that outstand the rest. This is non-other than Manuka honey that comes from Manuka, a scrubland in New Zealand. Its therapeutic values have made it the most searched natural honey globally. Manuka Honey is known to go beyond just curing gingivitis, digestive illnesses, and Staph infections.

Honey being nature’s most reliable antimicrobial source, researchers have continually hunted for it from natural sources. So far, several archeological discovery reports have unearthed pure honey inside pots in Egyptian royal Tombs.  Lately, there exist over 300 types of honey, shelved in supermarkets. In fact, getting pure honey today requires you to make a trip to specific health food stores such as co-op, or order online.

The nutritional profile of Manuka honey makes if outstand all other processed honey types. Generally, traditional honey that is raw provides excellent sources for: 
·       -Amino acids
·       -Calcium
·       -Definite vitamins like B6 and Niacin 
·       -Cooper
·       -Iron
·       -Manganese
·       -Phosphorus
·       -Magnesium
·       -Potassium
·       -Zinc, and
·       -Sodium
Manuka honey has been confirmed to have four times, the content value of ordinary flower honey. Particularly, it has high percentage of resourceful enzymes, as compared to other traditional honey types. In fact, some brands of Manuka honey contain remarkably stronger dihydroxyaacetone, methylglyoxal as well as hydrogen peroxide, making it a high potent antibacterial substance. Those are the three known contents that mark the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor), which is the globally defined measure of pure Manuka strength. For you to know if any honey type has the medicinal value required, ensure it has a UMF label.
UMF Manuka stands out from other varieties since it has natural occurring hydrogen peroxide besides its UMF agents. That greatly enhances its efficacy. UMF constituents are very stable and cannot be easily ruined by light, heat or even enzymes, as is the case with most traditional types of honey. That tells you there are diverse grades of Manuka honey, and also, the best way to know a grade has therapeutic value is checking the UMF trademark.
Check for the below four items that will help you pick the right product from the existing fakes brought up by imposters.
Pure and original UMF Manuka Honey must have:
·       1. A front-side located UMF trademark.
·       2. The country of origin as New Zealand and the company producing if must be licensed as labeled.
·       3. A license number alongside the UMF company title.
·       4. Ratings alongside the UMF trademark, the ratings must be from 5 to 16 or above. Any product without these is definitely not authentic.
Important secretes to note
There is a test used to measure the antibacterial properties against phenol. The test is called AMHA, while phenol is a disinfectant.  AMHA test compares the antibacterial properties of specific honey types with phenol. The test put’s it clear that specific non-peroxide action can be distinguished only by a range of scientific tests directly associated to phenol standard. 
How this relates to Manuka honey
With phenol standard rating set against Manuka, a rating ratio of 1 to 1 was established. Hence, the honey that rated UMF 20+ means it has a 20% phenol solution. Picking out the excellent UMF rating varies or simply depends on a person’s individual needs.  Recent clinical tests reveal that Manuka honey with non-peroxide action level from UMF12 to UMF15 stands more effective against a wide range of resistant bacteria.
The guide below will help you establish the precise leveled UMF Manuka Honey that suits your needs.
        Level 0 to 4 UMF: is best for non-therapeutic value.
        Level 4 to 9 UMF: is best for level health maintenance.
        Level 10 to 14 UMF: helps and enhances natural healing processes.
        Level 15 to 20 UMF: is the highest and contains high therapeutic phenols

For therapeutic use, ensure you take 1Tbsp per time, and don’t exceed…

The benefits of having Manuka Honey are endless. Here are 1O more:
1.     Improve Acid Reflux, often Low Stomach Acid.
2.     Cures Eczema and Acne
3.      Treats Staph Infections as well as MRSA
4.     Tackles gingivitis and tooth decay
5.     Boost Immunity
6.     IBD and IBS
7.     Treats sore throat
8.     Improves sleep
9.     Used for beauty treatment
10.  It’s a health booster when used wisely 
A recommended typical daily dosage is 1 or 2 tablespoons. This can be accompanied by the teas of your choice, or, beverages like Greek yogurt. For faster recovery, clinical studies propose a mixture of cinnamon with UMF Manuka honey.    
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