Peace Seeking Attitude and Communication Solves your Relationship Problems

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How you live with the people around really depends on your attitude. It’s all about what you want in relationships that define how long they last. If you are someone who’s married and are determined to live together with your current partner come what may have you asked yourself what happens when hell breaks loose and it’s like your partner is pissing you off?

In trying to answer these questions, you’ll come to realize the outstanding benefits of having a peace-seeking attitude in any of your relationships. it all begins with “RPC” (relationship problems communication.)



In this write-up, we’ll focus on what can make a marriage, a sure haven for both couples. So, what is peace-mindedness in marriage? This simply means, being “peace-seeking” at all times. If a couple values peace more than their selfish interest and ego-pampering, the chances of stabilizing their relationship automatically increase. [updated for clarity on 17/6/2018]
Take disagreements positively
Yes, differences will arise because everyone has his/her own head, but peace should be allowed to be the final dictator in all misunderstandings. In fact, when there is a disagreement in a marital relationship, it should be considered healthy. Disagreements provide ample avenues for couples to study each other better. It is the only time one can really understand his/her partner’s emotional priorities.
Emotional priorities in handling relationship problems communication
Some people treasure respect more than reality. They better be lied to, respectfully, than be told a brutal truth with love. While others, don’t really care about how angry/ranting their partner may appear. Their focus is on, truth be said! …One important guide in a relationship is to always accept that people seldom change, and if they do, it’s at their own pace and time. Note that it’s a waste of time to try to change your partner in the quest to priorities your emotional needs.
What the stronger party can do to manage the relationship
Note that when a fight of words breakout in a marriage, the main issue is always about emotional priorities. Each partner will try to vent-out his or her emotions according to what they think is more important, and yet despite the other person’s point of view. It’s not really that they hate each other; it’s just that they want their emotional need to be addressed first. Then, their ego can allow for further resolution, or even take responsibility. As the stronger partner, you can simply drop your emotional priority to ensure peace prevails, take peace as your priority. 
Embracing the peace-minded attitude at all times
A peace-minded attitude gives you the sobriety you need to monitor your partner’s emotional need based on priority. You will be able to note whether he or she is respect-entangled or truth-based. Once you understand, let them be! And focus on bringing things back to normalcy. If it means saying sorry first, do it even if you are on the right. It will not be long before your partner notices your new technique of peacefully handling matters in the relationship problems communication.  
Important notice
Research has proved that the people who uphold peacefulness in life tend to have a higher success rate in relationships. This has been reflected in their love-life, work-relations as well as how they relate to the society. While those who easily fall into chaos, tend to have short-lived relationships. 
Marriage needs allot of work. This ranges from anger management, learning to accommodate the other person’s weakness, creating time for one another and so on. Nevertheless, all these can be useless without having a tireless pursuit of maintaining peace at all times. Feel free to conduct a lifestyle coach who can advise further marriage issues. Let us hear your comments below. How do you handle your communication problems in a relationship, or what this article calls RPC (relationship problems communication?)
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