Links between Losing Weight and Happy Living

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A Scientific discovery has found out that, how people handle themselves during tense times, greatly determines how much weight they gain, keep or shade-off. Initially, happy living was widely recommended by various scientific researches with focus on mental health. Nonetheless, “happy” life-style is now into weight matters books. Happiness is now a known factor that will determine how far you go if you are looking forward to losing weight.

The mental aspect concept
Digging deeper on this mental aspect concept, it has been discovered that how you handle your daily life’s ups and downs has special prevalence over your weight and body size. How you handle tense times relates closely with how you will react when you see donuts and ice cream. The concept is if you can be able to maintain a calm mental state in tough times, then it will be easier to shun off unhealthy foods.
Stress and depression
Often, stress and depression goes undetected as people think it’s worth falling into it in some cases. However, the medics point out a horrendous view concerning stress and depression. They say any form of stress regardless of how mild it is; will trigger the neurotransmitters that manage mood, appetite, behavior and thinking. Making you feel horrible, the bad feeling may lead you to either skip gym sessions or even resort to unhealthily dieting. On the other hand, a happy mood will do the opposite; it will take you to the gym and encourage you to lose weight as purposed.
How the trend continues…
On the previous same note, escalated stress levels trigger the release of a hormone called cortisol. The hormone is known to make the body crave for comfort and energy, which the mind simply translates as urgent need for cupcakes and pizza. These are high-sugar foods that automatically induce dopamine high. The presence of sugar-triggered dopamine high will make the body crave for more dopamine in the blood, and the cycle goes on. This means, more consumption of pizza, cupcakes and other high sugar foods. Factually, the more the body dwells on sugar-induced high dopamine, the more it stores fats in areas such as the belly, or under arms for women.
Make an informed decision to live in happiness in order to shade-off weight as you’ve purposed in your heart. 
Scientific advice about the facts of life:
Living a consistent happy life can be easier said than done, but the fact of the matter is, you must make efforts for you to attain some happiness-level in life. Life will toss unwanted situations at you, but scientists have established that you have a free choice to make whether to respond with stress, or simply take it easy and move on. Below are basic tips that can help you raise your happiness-tank-level as well as effectively assist you lose weight as medically recommended:
Accept that life is never fair
Physiological studies show that every human expects good in life. This is what is called hope. However, once the “hope” is shaken (often referred to as lost hope,) the mind gets deprived, which leads to worry, stress and depression, if the problem is not tackled early enough. The solution here is simply setting your brain on alert mode; let it know that life doesn’t have to be a smooth path always.
Taking water when depressed
With the simple act of running for a glass of water during saddening situations, you lower your emotional temperature that could have triggered unwanted worry and stress. Water is very efficient in naturalizing toxic brain chemicals released as a result of bad mood. In fact, you not only need water during tense situations, but it is also medically required of you to take at least 2 liters of water on a daily basis. A well hydrated body also means a happy life, because the brain is well oxidized, this will also help you lose weight consistently.
Getting enough sleep
Sleep has never lost its importance in the medical world. This is because sleep is directly linked to rejuvenation of body cells as well as mental freshness. Mental medics always prescribe sleeping peels to people with depression. Daily life stresses are flashed off by sleep. In general, enough sleep makes you sober which means easier interaction with the people around. A happy life will make you run to the gym when it’s time and that will assist you to lose weight more safely.  
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