Findings Promoting Awake Rest Confirmed to Strengthen and Boost Brain Memory

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This age of computer and internet has come with a lot of pros and cons to the human mind. The brain now works more than in those previous decades when you didn’t have to Facebook, tweet, check email, share on Instagram or even text a buddy via WhatsApp Messenger.

Ideally, besides all other important tasks that spent the brain energy, people are now even busier on socials networks, and this completely deprives them the experience of a rested mind. Previous research reported that the mind needed to rest during sleep, but current research is seen to update those findings by promoting awake rest.

Study on how memories are boosted

According to an update published in the Journal Neuron release, researchers took to the task and ventured into unearthing how memories are boosted.  It was found out that having a cup of coffee after class helps to strengthen the memories of what you have learned. It was noted that the brain has a tendency to naturally want to switch out some memories, so as to store and avail them more clearly when needed later. The test was conducted in Lila Davachi’s laboratory, the assistant professor at New York University. 

What happens?

The research involved imaged the brain structure known to play major roles in memories, the structure is called hippocampus. They also examined the cortical regions throughout the awake rest period. Initial studies noted that these regions often got very active during sleep although it was unclear what went on. However, this test which mostly used images established similar behaviors on the said regions during awake rest, this led to the conclusion that the brain works more on solidifying memories in awake-rest-mode, just as it is during sleep. 

It was put clear that after taking coffee breaks, learners recalled more on the topic that came right before the rest. In fact, the break can simply be anything that helps you “log-out” from recent memories; this can be daydreaming, or even meditating while closing your eyes.
Other tips that will help you rest more:

Take a deep breath when fatigued

A deep breath does not only help during tense times, it will also help you lay off the fatigue. The good thing about this refreshing act is, it can be done anytime and in any environment. If you are a student, all you need to do is grasp some air through the nostril and the let lungs enjoy excess supply of oxygen. A one-minute deep breath will help you clear a clogged mind; you also get to boost your mental alertness. 

Earth yourself 

Resting your whole body down on a sandy beach or even on the grass and letting the mind settle from all tasks makes it connect with its primal roots. You can develop a lifestyle where you just earth yourself daily with arms apart. Enjoy the feeling and make it a personal ritual.  

Use calm or smooth music to rest

A calming music that penetrates into the mind and soul can make you switch off momentarily from all the hustle and bustle of life. Simply pick an album that will carry you smoothly into the oblivion and let the mind wander there. You can as well sing alongside and let the lyrics sink as they strengthen your memory.

Capitalize on your calendar 

The un-taken days of your calendar don’t mean that they must be delegated to some events; these are the days to take yourself out! The outings don’t have to be expensive, you can simply spare some hours and visit a library or even watch a favorite spot. Rest is a right, you don’t have to constantly work towards your goals in life, resting is also one the efforts that can foster you to your destiny faster than expected since it helps your mind to rejuvenate and focus more.  
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