Are You Sick And Tired Of Feeling Sick And Tired, are Suffering from low Imunnumity?

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Low Immunity.
Our wonderful in-built immune system is how we fight off attacks by germs, infections, viruses and other serious illnesses such as cancer. If you are prone to frequent colds and flu, and often tired with no energy, it is possible that your immune system is not working to its full potential.
In fact, when you realize continuous reinfections even after using the common over the counter drugs, that’s a signal showing the body defense system could be under siege, and needs urgent if not immediate assistance. The immunity system is meant to resist or even fight germs and infection on your behalf.

Some people, even in this modern day and age, think that the immune system is an organ similar to the heart or the liver, and if it doesn’t work well, it can be transplanted or something! Yes, strange but true.
Of course, we know that the immune system is just that – a system, a complex network of cells, whose proper function is essential to our well-being. If it is not doing its job properly, then we have a low immunity syndrome.
What causes low immunity?
You could be one of those people who pick up almost any virus or germ that is doing the rounds. You suspect that your immune system is in a weakened state, and perhaps this has even been confirmed by a medical practitioner after tests.
The below listed bullet points can help you highlight the specific reasons why your immune defences might have broken down:
·       Poor lifestyle habits.
·       An unhealthy diet full of acidic and refined foods, with little or no nutritional value.
·       Not enough regular exercise.
·       Excessive alcohol intake.
·       Smoking.
·       High stress levels.
·       Inadequate sleep or sleep disturbance.
·       A yo-yo type of weight pattern with a tendency to overweight.
Is there a way I can boost my immune system?
The first line of defence, when it comes to keeping our immune system strong and operating efficiently, is deciding to choose a healthy lifestyle. Embark on a healthy eating plan with plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, cutting out as much of the “bad stuff” as you can.
Give up smoking, or at the very least, cut down drastically.  The toxins from cigarettes do as much damage as an unhealthy diet, impacting negatively on your immune system.
Every single part of your body functions much better when healthy living strategies are applied. This includes your immune system which will be able to keep you in the best of health as it goes about its business fighting off germs and infections.
Staying healthy!
·       Change your lifestyle and stick to a healthy nutritional eating plan
·       If you are concerned about anything, visit your health practitioner.
·       Should you need to supplement your diet, buy only the best quality natural supplements. 
·       Reduce stress levels
Low immunity is not a life sentence. With some concerted effort, we CAN restore it to an optimal level of performance that will enhance and improve our general state of health. 
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