Don’t Stick to Your Problems If you ever want to be Rich

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Am just from a long journey, but my mind is steel stuck on everything that my eyes fell on for past two day. I had gone to visit a family am related to. What really got my attention is the kind of life these people are in despite the fact that they were once among the richest families in the area.

What happened that led them to a life of poverty is the fact that their father never gave them some secondary wants. One says he was not given enough pocket money therefore he dropped from school, while the other one still blames poor parenting despite the fact that he’s know almost 50years of age.

Talk of resources and you’ll get the best in this particular family, but am sorry to say they are living in poverty! Can you imagine having a piece of land located right beside a fresh water permanent-river, what kind faming can’t you do??? In fact even if faming is not your thing, -that river is capable to generate good amount of hydro-power. There is a lot one can do with hydro-power, and generate income. True? Off-course!

After deep thinking I came to terms with the saying, “poverty is in the mind”. Ah…! I watched this man (one among the two who continued with his education) explaining himself about how poor he is, how he wish to go to the city to look for a better job (yet he works in a government office at the grass root level)… Oh my… THE POWER OF A WRONG MINDSET.

Surely… It is true to say that, “no matter someone’s level of education or amount of possessions, the top deciding factor on the quality of life one lives is solely on the mindset. Yes you may have talents but you must set your mind to raise up.

Life is not about the past experiences, what you currently have or don’t, or what people think about you. It’s about what you think about yourself. The power to be the person you ever wished is in you. In fact it’s true to say, poverty is a choice!

Life is always never fair, and that shouldn’t mean we rest on that fact. Literally, the unfairness should work to propel us towards a better future. Never measure your life using the past since the past is gone and will never come forth.

Okay, you were abused and you know the pain therein, know take it positively- convert that pain into a virtue. Help as many kids as possible! You never attended school because of poverty, sponsor the poor! You were a drug addict but managed to stop, fund rehabilitation centers! Work on your mindset and you’ll discover tremendous opportunities and resources that will add value to your life.  

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