Compacting The Fear of Rejection

Let’s begin first by unveiling the brutal truth about  who really faces the fear of rejection?… you’ll discover that you are not alone. Everyone is a victim in this category of fear, which includes; presidents, pastors, police officers, children and so on… In fact to be honest, other than those who’ve mastered the art of compacting it, everybody else still, and always suffer from  it.

A child has a fear of being left by the parent, a parent has a fear of being disrespected by the kids, the president has a fear of being overthrown, a husband has a fear of being replaced, the same as the wife who has a fear of loosing his man. A student has a fear of failing exams- and so on. All these are fears that suggest rejection in one way or another. 

Fear of rejection will always pop from different avenues and that calls for essential knowledge of how we can always compact it. You don’t have to succumb to it while you can live a fear-free-life. Bellow is how  to do it in a simple way;

(#1). Know it exists
Simple! Just know that the fear of rejection exists, and it’s a common thing to everybody. That empowers you to know what to expect in life. The feeling of fear will come but don’t follow it as it will lead you into worry. Be calm and watch the feelings subside over time. Don’t act, just relax and know that it’s just a feeling. 

(#2). Accept facts
Always note that only 25 percent of the people you meet will ever like you. This is a research that was done, and has been proved to be true. Another 25 percent  will instantly reject you the moment they see you, 25 percent may like you but can easily change their minds, while the remaining 25 percent may hate you at the fast place, but may change their minds along the journey of life. So why go for numbers while it’s clearly impossible to be loved by everybody? Enjoy in the small fraction that you are certain of being accepted.

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(#3). Love being who you are
Stop being “a-living-fake”, embrace who you are and stop rejecting yourself. Fearing rejection can lead to a fake life. It makes you behave robotically because you are trying to hide your weakness in the quest to please everybody around.

Living “fake-ee” makes you appear wired to people and these pushes them even further from you. However when you are original, people tend to gain trust on your character and they end up being pulled towards you. The ideal way to compact this fear of rejection is by being realistic in life, accepting facts and loving who you are.

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