Why You Can be Happier Now

I thought by having a better job, caring wife, better government, or more friends, I’ll be happier, but I’ve confirmed that’s not true. Okay it’s not wrong to have all these. In fact they are important but they really don’t amount to the true happiness in life. I’ve of late discovered that possessions don’t really dictate the amount of happiness in someones life.

You know the wishes we all have … Huh? I remember wishing to clear-up primary school hoping secondary school life will be great or better. I was wrong, again the high school thing begun to suck, I became tired and wished for time to rash so as to pave way for me to join college and be “happier”, but lol…! Even after joining college I was yawning for a better job hoping it will sort my sorrows…

The trend went on and on… One more thing, one more step, more money and so on thinking I’ll get happier. It was until I learned to watch my urges and wishes against the reality of life.

So you are not alone in wanting to have everything hoping for more joy, it’s a common lie in everybody’s mind, but you can compact it. This is how I traced my contentment and I think it’ll as well work for you;

#1.Accept the reality of life
All of us fall into the trap of living in some “sort of fantasy” we think it’s a MUST to have something extra on top of what we already have so as to enjoy life more. That’s not the reality… It just but a common lie. It happens to everybody and at all levels, including those whom you think they have it all.

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Once you come to this reality, you automatically overcome the urges. Okay the desires to have more will always pop-up but don’t let them overpower you, simply watch them as they subside over-time. 
#2.What you don’t have could be a burden if you had it
Besides feeling the satisfaction after having what you’ve craved for a long time, that thing can as well become a burden again. In fact anything that we get yet it was not designed for us, simply becomes a burden.

For instance you may so much want to have two or more lovers… Okay, the truth is, nobody was designed for such -but almost everybody would want that. “Just quoting”. The truth is, two lovers are simply a burden to you because you were not designed for that.

…You don’t really need to have everything that is advertised on TV to feel happier, in fact having much only increases stress. Teach your heart to understand this, and also learn to rejoice on what you already have because that’s what you require for now.

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