Overcome Workplace Rejection Painlessly

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I was surprised after realizing that often, rejection is a self inflicted problem. It’s commonly an internal problem since it is highly depended on the way we react  once we  face it. In this article I share my real life experience as well show how you can effortlessly overcome rejection completely, whether at the workplace, in the family or anywhere.

Things were not easy with me when I joined a certain construction company to work there. Soon after my workmates realized my potentials, talents and status in life, rejection got its fare share on me. The happiness to share my vision, achievements and all that I was  unknowingly made me a target  for rejection.

Nevertheless, after years of suffering and self realization, I was able to work on my character as it was the key cause of rejection on my life. This could as well be what’s causing you to undergo the same.

Below  are the strongest tips that helped me out! 

#1.I learned to listen to myself

It’s very important to note that at the workplace not everybody will like your face leave alone what you say. The only door that leads directly to your heat is your mouth, and speaking your heart at the workplace can land you into problems. I used to share my dreams visions, and aspirations only to receive instant rejections from the envious lot.

In fact  anything good about you can be an avenue of rejection. If you are stronger, beautiful, wise, in fact if you appear any better to some people they’ll reject  you because of their insecurities. So, better leave your in life with wisdom. Simply gauge what to share and what to keep for yourself. 

#2. I stopped the people-pleasing habit

If you want people to respect you stop trying to please them and be original.  Almost all humans have this principle in common, they’ll always like and follow what they don’t have. So if you give them more of yourself they’ll despise you. In simple terms: DONT GIVE THEM THE WHOLE OF YOU, LET THEM DO THE WORK. Yes, you are beautiful stronger, more educated,ambitions and e.t.c but live your life. Stop trying to show all these to acquire likes.

When people realize you are better than them and at the same time trying to please them, the first response is they’ll belittle you and you’ll feel rejected . See, don’t be apologetic to your beauty, wisdom, height, body-shape, or anything given by nature. These are just status and don’t try to sympathies with people who do all they can to pin you down based on such.

#3. Clothing mode

Its necessary to watch over your dressing mode at the workplace. Many people suffer rejection jus because of this. Many of us fall into the trap of thinking people will like us more based on what we wear. Can be true, but for how long! In fact some decent dressers suffer rejection as well. What you wear should be to boost your own thinking and confidence, not what others want to think about you. In fact when they realize you are confident of what you wear they’ll have no choice but to love you.

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