October 2014

Finally: Write more Articles and Overcome Procrastination, this is How

Procrastination is the greatest enemy of writers. In fact almost every writer madly fights this enemy, needless to say it’s a non-healable “disease”. As a writer, not once or twice have I fall into procrastination… It’s countless times. And this led to enormous time-gaps between which I posted new articles on the various blog-sites I own. Procrastination comes in different…

Why You Can be Happier Now

I thought by having a better job, caring wife, better government, or more friends, I’ll be happier, but I’ve confirmed that’s not true. Okay it’s not wrong to have all these. In fact they are important but they really don’t amount to the true happiness in life. I’ve of late discovered that possessions don’t really dictate the amount of happiness…

How People-Pleasing Habit Breeds Rejection

Rejection is one of the most devastating situation that one can go through in life, it is painful, derailing, horrible and in fact hinders everything that pertains self development. However its has been proved that the attitude of people-pleasing ranks among the top causes of rejection. How true is this? Simple…Rejection is a great enemy of the emotions and self-value….

Breaking The Curse of People-pleasing

The habit of people pleasing may be worse than a curse. It makes a person vulnerable to all kinds of mistreat, traps and misuse. However the truth of the matter is, this habit is one of the easiest to break from. It only requires some decision-making and determination as stipulated here; #1. Cultivate self-awareness  Go back to the roots and…

Overcome Workplace Rejection Painlessly

I was surprised after realizing that often, rejection is a self inflicted problem. It’s commonly an internal problem since it is highly depended on the way we react  once we  face it. In this article I share my real life experience as well show how you can effortlessly overcome rejection completely, whether at the workplace, in the family or anywhere….

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