Understanding the Language of Your Wife

There is this friend of mine who keeps on asking about the reasons as to why marriages are full of strifes, wrangles, and arguments … However, I find his questioning strange because he’s married and has over ten years experience in the relationship. He say’s it hardly passes a day without hiccups, and he wonders if its the case with everybody else.

How lovers turn into enemies over a simple argument is something yet to be discovered by many couples. However ill be honest today and in fact in this very article to explain into details why this happens.

See, we often think that we understand women, but it’s very important to note that a WIFE is extremely different from other women especially when she’s spending time with the hubby. The chemistry changes when a couple is together, and since they are not conscious of this fact, you find that arguments erupt without any signs nor prior indications.

You may wonder why the chemistry changes, but the truth is: nobody knows because no one can prove. However, the common arguments seen with couples is highly believed to have originated from EDEN. Remember when Eve gave Adam the fruit, and God asked them why they’ve eaten it? That’s when blame game started and unfortunately, it has never been resolved. The only way to solve arguments in marriage is understanding what to always expect and how to handle these differences.

What to expect from your wife:

It is natural for a  wife to always try and control the husband but again a husband will always resist. You know the usual way…! For instance, whenever your wife dictates on the directions you should follow while driving, as the hubby you’ll always despise and demand to do it alone. Ha ha ha… Don’t worry this is common to all wives and husbands!

You’ve gotta understand that’s how a wife is. When it comes to dishing-out guidelines, sometimes she can be worse, and this applies to all married women. The wife is likened to the “neck” which simply means CONTROL while the hubby is likened to the “head” meaning AUTHORITY, hence the usual misunderstandings.

So, why are these strifes, differences, and arguments not visible during courtship? The answer is simple: you were not yet married. Courtship is simply the theory part of a marriage-life, but now marriage is the practical part, hence the reactions.

So, what’s the solution? 
Simple!!! JUST ACKNOWLEDGE that there is a great phycological difference between you and your wife, learn how to handle her especially when an argument erupts. Don’t try to fixed everything immediately as you may end doing more harm than good to her emotions.

Marriage is like politics, and here the rule is, always think before talking. Acknowledge the consequences of your words before uttering them. Words can be medicine but on the other hand, they can be the most distractive weapon in the world of marriage.  By just knowing what’s in your wife’s mind, you can avoid unnecessary strives and arguments, hence a peaceful marriage.

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