Cutting Edge Ways to Control Worries in life

Worry is the greatest battle that almost everybody fights, however it’s sad that most people loss this battle over and over. I was there, and lost almost every battle that worry offered to me. I am sharing my victory here and hope it’ll as well liberate you as well as help you live a worry-free life.

First its important to note that worry comes but through defined medias. There’s always something that will cause you to worry and so if you manage to deal with the causes, (as i did and still do) then you’ll always overcome all forms of worry. This is what I dealt with;

#1. Stopped people pleasing
I rate this one first because it’s what really controlled me. When you want everybody around you to be happy, off-cause you fall into worries all the time. People are people and they’ll never fully appreciate your efforts to make them happy. In fact when they note you are a people pleaser they’ll USE you to their advantage.

The number one fact that leads to a worry-free life is dropping this people-pleasing-attitude. The bland truth about this attitude is that, it only makes you obsessed for attention hence behaving childish, stupid and unfilled.

#2. Mind My business
It’s astonishing how other people can control our lives when when we allow them. We can decided to spend time worried about what will happen to our relatives, friends or even workmates, the government, as well as the bad news allover. Alright, it’s true bad things do happen and can happen to our loved ones or even the government but, there is so little we can do to alter the future.

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It’s more profitable to concentrate with what is within your purpose in this life. Myself I discovered that there will alway be bad things happening and this should not control me. Adopting this and ease your life! Alright, help others if possible but don’t try to be God by thinking you can control everything with your worry.

#3. Watch over my mind
The mind will always hoover and present new issues to worry about, something that we’ve no authority to change. But one fact you can doubtlessly do is choose what to spend time on. It’s you to decide on what to think about!

I remember those days when I chose to focus on what I didn’t have, things were really bad, and my thinking nearly killed me. See you can choose to think about a dead relative for a whole year -and off-cause expect the consequences! It about choices, the mind will always suggested bad thought as well as good ones but it’s upto us to choose what to dwell on.

With this knowledge you can control your thinking, since you know what to expect. Worry is not an accident, it’s a choice, you can decide to focus on the good of life and enjoy it! 

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